Things You Need to Know about Granite Kitchen Tops

Referring to Nancy Epstein, granite is considered a durable stone that is acid-resistant and also very dense. It is very difficult when it comes to choosing an admirable kitchen top. Installation of the granite kitchen topis in highdemand because it has a lofty price tag.

Granite is one of the igneous rocks which are composed of quartz minerals. It is available in different colors, those are: cream white, deep black, grey, bright blue, and also salmon pink. This article discusses other important factorspeople need to know about granite kitchen tops. These facts may come in handy during installation.

Merits of granite kitchen tops

  • It is considered to be a long-lasting stone
  • It is very dense
  • It is acid resistant
  • It is less like to get scratches
  • It is less likely to get stains

Demerits of granite kitchen tops

  • If not sealed, granite is susceptible to stain
  • Should be kept free from acidic foods and drinks
  • Is it very difficult to find an aesthetically fresh granite

Some of the factors to consider while selecting the granite kitchen tops

Apart from considering the granite kitchen tops prices in Kenya, the following are some other factors you should consider;

1. Buyer’s taste and preferences.

When selecting any type of stone you should make sure you like the look of the stone despite sounding obvious. This is because when installing the kitchen top, you will need to care for it to expand its durability period. That’s why it is advisable to select the slab that you like.

2. Style

Some granite slabs have a natural pattern, that’s why it is advisable to consider the style factor that matches your kitchen

3. Physical condition of the granite when purchasing it.

After you are contented with the aesthetic make sure the slab is crack-free and filled excessively. Both cracking and filling weaknesses may lead to future problems

The reason why sealing the granite kitchen tops is important

All stones apart from granite should be sealed. This is to prevent staining or in other words, etching from settling in. The more the stone is porous, the higherthe risk of getting stained. Granite is neither porous nor nonporous.

Care and maintenance of granite kitchen tops

Kitchen tops that are not sealed can get stained or even absorb harmful bacteria. One should use a cleaner specifically for granite. One can also opt to go for a soap that is neither basic nor acidic.

It is also advisable for one to keep away from the cleaners that contain too many contents of chemicals. These chemicals remove the protective sealant.

If the chemicals happen to spill accidentally clean them as fast as possible to prevent long-lasting damage.

One can also use baking soda or even hydrogen peroxide to get away with oil or any other harmful substance that can harm the granite.


From the above remarks, it is depicted that it is worth using the kitchen top granite.

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