The Need for Pokemon toys & vivid voltage booster box Series

This is again Dinah of Pokemon toys Cafe and Media Club and I have just been engaged in lively intellectual discussions about Pokemon stories and future possibilities. From the development of the game and its spin-off this year, it is clear that Pokemon is succeeding in variety. In fact, diversity and evolution are what Pokemon is all about! The latest ‘Shinkai’ (evolution) leap in Pokemon Mania is Pokemon Black and White (as if I had to tell you this).

 Like a mom who likes soft toys that can be thrown around without breaking things, I like new Pokemon Black and White Plush toys or ‘Plush’ and my son has added some new Pokemon stuffed toys to his collection, though I must admit All I have to do is buy these for myself. Pokemon Black and White monsters are still in the game (‘fantastic’ as great) and more like dragons than bangles, yet, like all Pokemon, they have a compliant and noble face. However, the Pokemon Black and White series make the Pokemon cards for sale game much more interesting.

The Pokemon story has certainly been developed in an animated TV and film series and in the ‘manga’ (comic book). But my beef with Pokemon is not like Mario or other common games, the basic premise of Pokemon is quite sophisticated and entertaining and deserves further development. Pokemon, as far as I’m concerned, has the potential to entertain kids as well as adults, but so far Nintendo has refused to explore that aspect. All that was needed was to sell the idea to the major film production companies, which I am sure will jump at any chance of this project. Given its alternatives, in my opinion, Hollywood must take the idea.

The first thing Pokemon needs is a tough book series. Admittedly, it can go without and only make film scripts (like Star Wars or Pirates of the Caribbean), but personally, I’d like to see a series of written books that were great to read and great to watch (Harry Potter ‘L bright example which I think).

There is no doubt about the release of a rich Pokemon story full of thrills, heroes, and character development. Clearly, the special effects of 3D and their favorite Pokemon will make kids appreciate more than the flat and silly animation they already like, and through tough literary and film production, Pokemon can enjoy one of the best of us and our time.

Pokemon card for sale price at auction, breaking the record

 Incidentally, out of nowhere late last year, trading cards became all the rage again, as fans, social media personalities, and celebrities all found the value of such cards. This was especially true in the case of Pokemon TCG, and since then the cards have flown down from a hat to store shelves and digital retailers, and even some retailers like Target have been able to take action against Pokemon card scalpers.

In addition to the new Pokemon TCG release, the old card has also skyrocketed in popularity in third-party resale markets. It saw many rare cards in mint condition, like the classic alluring base set holographic charisma to go for millions of dollars at auction. Now, another recent Pokemon card featuring the CEO of The Pokemon Company is about to break the Pokemon TCG auction record.

I don’t know if making Pokemon more sophisticated will increase its spin offs but I really doubt it will hurt. One thing is certain, it will now push it even higher than its competitors.

Best Pokemon TCG Cards “vivid voltage booster box”

There is a new set of Pokemon cards coming out of Japan next week. On November 13, we will see the official release of a Vivid voltage booster box in a combination of the Japanese-published legendary Heartbeat and Amazing Volt tackle. Featuring our favorite Chunky Pikachu front and center, there are some gorgeous pieces to see.

Cards that come out of your booster packs should be the most encouraging about you. As we discussed earlier, the Vivid Voltage set includes booster packs, theme decks, and a battle box to help you get the most out of your packing.

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