The Most Difficult Items To Pack For A House Move (And How To Pack Them)

Find out how to pack the lumpy, delicate, misshapen, bulky items when you move house, to keep them in great condition during the move.

Packing is a huge part of moving house, and for the most part, with a local self storage unit, lots of packing supplies, a good packing schedule and a dedication to getting the job done, it’s entirely doable. However, there are certain items that make things a little more tricky. The bulky items, the odd-shaped items, the delicate items – they’re so difficult to pack properly and can end up getting damaged if they aren’t prepared correctly. Luckily, there are ways to get around these challenging packing problems, and we’ve got a complete guide to doing just that below:


Artwork can be really difficult to pack because it has the combined elements of the glass, and the delicate artwork itself. The best way to pack it is to pad it out (so there is no gap between the pane and the packaging) and wrap it completely, with extra corner padding. It should then be placed in a box with no room to slide around, and no heavy items on top of it. If the artwork is extremely large, it could be reinforced with cardboard and should only be stacked on its side.


Electronics are challenging to move because they are often very expensive, delicate and bulky. The best way to pack them is in their original packaging, if you have it. Then simply bag up any wires or plugs that come with them and tape it to the box. If you do not have the original packaging, it is important to give the item as little room to move as possible. Clean it, remove any batteries or wires (that can or should be detached) and then add lots of padding and strong cardboard or even wooden panels. Do also add foam or bubble wrap in front of any glass or screens. Lastly, label these items clearly so that people carrying them know that they are delicate.


Rugs are challenging to pack because they are bulky, and can be very expensive, making them essentially ‘large and delicate’ which is especially vulnerable. One of the best things you can do to prepare your rug for packing is to clean it. Either try it yourself by using special products/ processes suitable for the rug, or have it professionally cleaned. This helps to ensure the rug is not susceptible to damage or staining from dirt during the transit process. Cleaning the rug is especially important if you are putting it into affordable London storage and not your new house. Once the rug is clean and dry, most experts recommend rolling it and then using something like cling film to strap the rug into place without denting it. You may then want to cover the rug in brown paper or even just a clean sheet, just to further protect it from dust and debris during transit.

Garden Tools/ Household Tools

These items tend to be very heavy, often spiky and sharp, and often dirty. The best way to transport them is in strong cardboard or plastic boxes, ideally after they have been cleaned and dried. You should also remove any fuel from items like petrol strimmers. Lastly, do place protective coverings over any sharp items. Prongs, blades, sticks – anything that could cause harm if fallen on, or if a hand was to push onto or past the item.

Fancy Clothes

Fancy clothes like designer clothes, wedding dresses, prom dresses and expensive shoes can be tricky to relocate. The biggest risk is ripping or staining during the transit process, and then damage that can occur during storage if the item is not dried, or pests are not removed.

As with rugs, the best thing you can do is clean the item with manufacturers instructions in mind, dry the item fully, and then package it. With shoes, it is best to place paper inside the shoes to keep their shape, and then pack them into shoe boxes. Large dresses should be hung and moved on a rail, or in a dress bag which is hung up in affordable self storage, or in your new place straight after relocation. Learn about storage prices here.


Toiletries are hard to pack because they are so prone to exploding/ squirting everywhere. A good thing to do is to declutter toiletries before moving, giving away anything new and wrapped to charities/ friends. All the items you do want to keep should be taped at the lid if possible, and then contained in something plastic like a bin bag, ideally taped shut so if there are any explosions or leaks the fluid won’t seep out any further than the bag. Additionally, do tape up glass bottles of perfume separately, padding them out and perhaps putting them in a strong box where they are less liable to smash or leak.


Furniture is so hard to pack because it is big and bulky. It also happens to be very expensive, and so you really don’t want it to be damaged on the way to your new home.

The best way to protect it is to cling wrap it or otherwise bind it so that parts cannot be moved (as with drawers) and to stuff any gaps with light materials to prevent damage that way. Any corners should also be padded out, and any feet or legs should be wrapped. Lastly, protective wrap or sheeting makes sense to protect delicate upholstery.

You’re Ready To Tackle The Tricky Items

Now you have our handy tips above you can pack up those challenging items like a pro. Just be sure to label everything correctly, even if it seems over the top, and choose a good self storage facility. Even with the best packaging in the world, if the items are not lifted or stored with the right level of care, you may still end up with them being damaged when it comes to unpacking them again.

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