The Complete Guide to Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Did you know around half of workers switched careers? Some people will pursue something brand new, like real estate. If you’re interested in real estate careers, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over tips on becoming a real estate agent.

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What Are the Main Requirements?

There are a few eligibility requirements to become a licensed real estate agent. You have to be at least 18 or 19, and the age will depend on the state. You’ll also need legal US residency.

To become an agent, you’ll need to complete a pre-license education program. Your state will have specific rules. Next, you’ll have to pass your state’s real estate licensing exam.

Should You Pursue a Career in Real Estate?

Now that you know more about the rules, you’ll want to consider if real estate suits you.

You will handle your paperwork, manage your office, and develop relationships. Agents handle prospective leads, manage different contracts, and deal with sellers and buyers.

If you have questions, consider contacting a local broker or real estate agent. Ask them about their daily work schedule.

Ask them also about the long-term prospects of working as a real estate agent.

What Are Your State’s Real Estate Licensing Rules?

You will need to learn about your state’s licensing rules. Your state will have a website outlining the steps to take.

Find out this information right away, so you know what to expect.

You’ll Need to Enroll in a Pre-Licensing Course

Next, you’ll need to determine how you will attain and complete your pre-licensing education.

Some people choose to complete coursework at a real estate school or realty firm. Others will choose an online real estate course.

If you enroll in a school, look for one with a solid reputation. You want to work with qualified and reputable instructors. Your real estate licensing education is comprehensive and challenging.

You will use this education as the next step to starting your career.

Apply for the Exam

Next, you will need to apply for the real estate exam. Follow the application process with your state. You want to apply for the exam as soon as you complete your pre-licensing classes.

The exam is specific to the state you live in and will involve a fee. Check the regulatory authority to find out more information.

You might need to pass a background check and submit your fingerprints. Sometimes, it will take a few weeks to process this information.

You won’t be able to take the test or schedule it until you finish the application. Get started on the paperwork, so you don’t get delayed.

Study Hard for the Exam

You will need to take your time preparing for this exam. Some people won’t even pass the exam on their first try.

Some people will enroll in an exam prep class. You will learn how to prepare for the exam, take practice exams, and learn about your weaknesses.

Take your time working through the information, so you’re prepared for the exam.

Search for a Real Estate Broker

The passing grade on your exam doesn’t mean you’ll have a real estate agent license yet.

You will need to work under a broker. A real estate agent gets licensed to act on behalf of a broker and can’t work independently.

When learning about real estate opportunities, research a broker. After getting the licensing and exam done, you want to have a broker lined up.

You and your broker will have to finish paperwork with the state after these steps.

When your form gets accepted, you will get issued a license. Then, you can practice real estate under the broker.

Consider Joining a Professional Real Estate Organization

Become a member of your local and state Multiple Listing Services. Some people will join the National Association of REALTORS®.

The organization will allow you to network with other real estate professionals.

As a member, you can attend conferences across the nation. You’ll also have access to helpful research that will help you stay up-to-date.

You can get different certifications. Do you want to find out more about home staging? Consider a staging certification for realtors.

Finish Post-Licensing Coursework

Some states will require agents to finish real estate post-licensing coursework. You might have to finish it within a year of getting your license. Make sure you don’t delay completing this coursework.

Start Your Career

After you have everything in order, you should look at launching your business. Let people know you’re a real estate agent. You can make connections and interact with sellers and buyers.

Build your social media presence, and connect with people there. Let people know that you’re looking to help homeowners buy or sell their properties.

Make sure you get business cards printed. Pass these cards out to your barber, dentist, and other professional providers. You can make connections anywhere.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

We hope this guide on how to become a real estate agent was helpful. Becoming a real estate agent doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process.

Start by looking for a local broker in your area. Contact them and explain you’re interested in becoming an agent. Take pre-licensing courses, write an exam and complete post-licensing education.

Are you looking for more tips on real estate? Check out our educational resources on the blog.

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