Steps To Follow For Launching An Immersive Virtual Event

Whether you are conducting a virtual event to launch your product/service or building your community, creating an immersive experience for your participants during the entire virtual event is no simple task. You may come up with great write ups, designs, content, or speakers, but if you lose your attendees’ interest, that’s a loss. 

With organizations and business owners moving towards the virtual event platforms to keep their community intact, we understand the disadvantages one faces during the process. To help you understand the process of making an immersive virtual event, we bring to you our latest blog with six defined steps. 

Pay attention to the details

When you are reading an interesting book, you move along with the sentences and create a virtual scene in your minds. Not unless the book is immersive, you are in a position to imagine the drama. 

So, how can a book be so immersive that you imagine yourself virtually at the narration? 

It’s because of the little details the author puts into. The wind was gushing at a rough speed while the two kingdoms were at war. Sentences like these open up your imaginary powers and help you analyze the entire scene virtually.  

Just like these stories, virtual events are a craft of immersive experiences. When you conduct events from your industry, you have participants mostly with knowledge about that specific industry. Providing them with enough content and experiences from the industry makes them more attached to the event. 

These are tiny details that organizations must not ignore to implement. Think about facts and ideas from industries to weave stories before, during, and after the virtual event. 

Be clear of your expectations from the audience

Unlike most virtual events, you can create something new by transparently communicating your expectations from them.

Unlike every virtual event where the audience just participates and leaves the room without much excitement, you can assign the audience some predefined tasks that they must complete to understand the intent of the event better. 

You can communicate to your audience about a list of things that you expect from them during the event such as participation, knowledge, eagerness to learn, excitement to interact, and others. 

This entire flow of communication can either take place through emails or the event mobile application. You can be as creative as you like when you are communicating with your audience before the event. 

Assign them roles

As you weave your story to create an immersive virtual event, you must assign certain roles to your audience to make the event more lively. You don’t have to provide them with ‘literal’ story roles, but you can define their tasks during the event. 

For example, you can analyze your audience through their work experiences, and provide them certain responsibilities during the event. Perhaps they can help other participants understand a topic better during their interaction sessions. 

While this is just an example, you can create multiple roles as per your audience and the event with your creative minds. 

Let the audience decide for themselves

The traditional methods of storytelling using presentation slides and a speaker is a trend of the past. These days, organizers are implementing new technologies to immerse the attendees in the virtual event. The more freedom you give to the audience, the better are their takeaways from the event. 

Create a VR storytelling experience where you give access to certain materials using the event mobile application. Let the attendees get back to you in a few days’ time regarding the subject. 

This way, while you are engaging with most of the audience during the virtual event, you are also giving them an opportunity to experience certain matters using VR. 

Create spaces for them to reflect

Virtual event platforms leverage you with the power of creating breakout sessions, but how many organizers have you seen truly implementing it? 

Breakout sessions can be as boring as you want, or as immersive as you can imagine. Breakout sessions with assigned roles let the audience interact with each other, be their own judge, help each other, and take away important details. 

You can always have a moderator in each of these breakout sessions to maintain the decorum, but if you provide them an immersive experience with unique storytelling, you might not want a moderator then. 

Give them all the space they need to learn and unlearn things. 

Use limitations to your advantage

Nothing becomes a success without failure. 

While we always come across this saying, we don’t implement it in reality. Successful virtual events are a cumulation of many small and major mistakes. As nobody is free from experiencing disadvantages, we must learn to make them our strengths. 

During a virtual event, there may be instances where your planned event method might backfire. Instead of panicking in such situations, utilize the existing powers in your hands and try creating an immersive experience. 

Say that your presentation slides have problems, while the experts fix the issue, create an immersive virtual experience with live polls, or discuss something that is going hot in the industry, or ask an expert to explain something new that he/she might have come across.  


Creating an immersive virtual event experience is no simple task. As easy as the points may sound, the more difficult it is for the organizers to come up with exciting techniques. 

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