Signs You’re Dealing with a Forex Trading Scammer and How to Avoid Them

Have you received an email or text message recently saying that your cryptocurrencies are unsecure and require immediate security action? But, does your cryptocurrency services-providing company confirm that there isn’t such a case at hand? Well, you may be dealing with an online cryptocurrency scam that tends to end up costing many people a good amount of their fortune. Scammers and fraudsters can approach you with the help of countless strategies and methods. However, it’s on you to dodge their approaches and stay away from any type of financial or cryptocurrency losses.

To help you stay away from trading scams, we have compiled a list of some of the most helpful and useful tips. The techniques below will help you detect scam trading messages, investment opportunities, and more.

Signs You’re Dealing with a Forex Trading Scammer

Have you heard about a friend or a loved family member losing some or all of their hard-earned savings to trading scammers online? It can be quite depressing to learn that your own loved ones are struggling with such internet threats. Trading scammers can not only rip you off of your fortune but also threaten to publicly release your private information since they have various hacking tricks and techniques up their sleeves. So, make sure you check for these signs to know whether or not you’ve been approached by a trading scammer:

They Try to Earn Your Trust

The best approach from a scammer is to send you a message and try to start a conversation. The topic of the conversation could be anything such as friends, politics, economics, or cryptocurrency trading. The scammer will try to earn your trust and they can do this through various ways such as sharing their personal information involving certain stories and incidents. Overall, all they want from you is trust so that they can take you to the next stage of the process.

To make sure you’re not being approached by a scam website, organization, or group, do some research on the web. While you listen or talk to the scammer, don’t let them have access to your computer, accounts, or other devices whatsoever. If they want you to sign up on a forex platform, make sure you learn about the forex broker blacklist.

Unrealistic Messages and Unauthentic Emergencies

Scammers often start by sending you messages about your precious trading accounts being suspended, hacked, or compromised. They will suggest that you need to enter a website through a particular link and change your cryptocurrency wallet/ trading account username and password. This is all just a plot to trick you into releasing your username and password to scammers.

Constant Action Demand

Scammers, especially cryptocurrency and forex trading scammers, will require you to take action. Their messages and alerts will mostly contain some form of hint towards an action such as making a phone call, clicking on a link, or downloading an updated version of a particular application/ software. If you receive messages from unknown numbers or email addresses that contain such absurd information and instant action suggestions, you should abstain from reacting too quickly.

Although the context of the messages might be that your cryptocurrencies are in a danger. The messages could also divert you to a fake platform claiming that you’re currently working with a company involved in bitcoin trading robot scams. You should stay away from such practices and learn how an official company approaches its client in case of a security breach.


Now that you know about some of the most helpful and useful tips to dodge trading scammers on the World Wide Web, you can begin your trading journey in the best way possible. Starting a trading journey often begins with finding the right broker and cryptocurrency trading platform for your needs. However, with the rampant security issues and concerns that threaten the careers of many, it’s quite important to learn about trading scams and frauds first.

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