Screen Printing Business Trends for 2021

Screen printing is everywhere. In the 21st century, it doesn’t take much to get your ideas down onto paper. Your creativity is not restricted to digital products. Today, one can design his logo or anything creative on paper and churn out thousands of prints.

The screen printing industry continues to grow. It’s prevalent today in all regions because it’s cheap and contributes significantly to a brand’s growth. Haven’t you seen how locals in your city wear shirts of their favorite football club, or how a brand encourages employees to wear screen-printed shirts of the company?

So, are you interested to know how long it can stretch? Surely, screen printing trends will continue to evolve. Here are some of the prominent ones to watch out for in 2021:

1. Logos & Slogans

Logos and slogans will remain a trend forever in the screen-printing industry. After all, don’t we all enjoy some extra attention that we get when our shirts reflect our personality?

Slogans can be yours in case you are on your way to becoming an activist or a social media influencer. Your clothes or other belongings like a mobile cover, watch, etc. can have the slogan printed.

Logos can represent your personal brand or your own creative work — in case you are a creative designer yourself. The possibilities are endless. When it comes to designing and creativity, the sky’s the limit! Printing services in Dubai daily get orders for these.

2. Loyalty Signatures

Brands often go to great lengths to retain customers. That’s why they use loyalty programs; customers get a sense of honor and recognition. Recently, brands have used different ways to build customer loyalty.

Printed shirts, watches, and other objects are often gifted to regular customers for their purchases. Thanks to the screen-printing technology, they don’t have to spend much.

A simple object with the brand’s signature, logo, or slogan in it serves as a sign of customer loyalty. And the customer later proudly shows that to other people in his circle, ultimately earning the brand new followers and customers.

3. Events & Festival Designs

The printing business is getting bigger every day. And the reason is the flexibility of screen printing. For whatever purpose you need a design, you can create it on any software and later put it on any physical material or paper.

At certain events and festivals, people wear jewelry and clothes of a special design, related to the occasion. Screen printing makes it possible to create thousands of designs on the go. Therefore, the business and practice of screen printing have become quite common.

This is already a trend and likely to further evolve as more investors are putting their money into the screen-printing business. And businesses too are happy to pay for these designs as the process is cheap and brings great results.

4. Screen Printed Designs for Decoration

The idea may seem a little too far stretched but it’s possible. Screen printed design might become an integral part of our home decoration because not everybody can afford to buy luxury, expensive decoration objects.

The best part is you can print anything on any kind of material. For example, if you want to print something aesthetic on plastic so that it looks as good as gold or diamond, you can do that.

You can get any design on a paper or sheet, and glue it to the object. Woah, how easy and cheap would it be to decorate your home? Surely, this trend will help people save a lot of bucks and still decorate their homes.

5. Screen Printing in Sports

Ask any sports lover how they feel when they wear a shirt of their favorite football club, cricket team, or use the same sticker on their hockey stick that their favorite players have.

This is going to be a source of massive business for screen printing businesses. While for the sports lover, this is going to be a real treat. No longer they would have to buy from the authorized manufacturer in another country.

Imagine organizing a football tournament in your city. You would be able to get shirts, bands, socks, and other things in any print. For printing businesses, this means more business!

6. Creative Work Made Easy

If you have creative design ideas in mind, you’d no longer have to rely on software to store them. The thing is, now you can get them on paper and show them to people around you ( potential clients or customers), and win jobs.

It’s observed that when your creative work is physical, portable, and can be shown to masses of people at once, you get more recognition. Just like any painting master.

7. Screen Printing Service as a Freelancer

Now, that’s from a different perspective. If you are a student willing to make some bucks from freelancing, screen printing can be a great business for you.

If you have decent graphic designing skills, you can create your design with software. Later, you can get the same design printed and you can sell it for a decent amount.

Screen printing is still a new concept for some and not everyone is aware of its potential. Until it’s new you can cash it by selling your designs to international and local buyers.

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