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I want to thank you for having fulfilled a dream for me and for my 19-year-old son, Matt, of knowing one of the mystical places in the world and having been able to do an Aconcagua Expedition. Climbing Aconcagua was an experience for both of us. I also went to the company of a friend and her mother. We were all delighted with the hospitality and professionalism with which they treated us, all the excellent itinerary with enough time to appreciate a little piece of Mendoza in our Aconcagua treks. Recently I was doing the Trekking to Confluencia and the mule plaza. I wanted to thank you for the management of our trip. All the staff have taken care of a spectacular vacation. Many thanks to the guides, cooks, muleteers, hotel staff, etc. You’re lovely. Friends: Once again, thanks to your interest and dedication and to the excellent company of excellent professionals and better people, who have made us feel during our expedition, as in our Mountain, and in your town as in our home. They are already a little ours too; indeed, the weather was not good enough, but we have had such a good time that we have not noticed it, and it has been concise. We can’t wait to go back. There are so many magnificent mountains to see and climb, and there are so many friends with whom we have shared a few of our lives. Ours is a trustworthy person, and he showed it throughout the expedition.I was in contact with friends for over a year before I finished organizing the Aconcagua expedition. The organization was perfect, the food was good and sufficient, the rented equipment was of good quality, all the equipment was very flexible (when one of our expedition members had a problem with their equipment), and our guides were true professionals of the Mountain. It was  the best experiences I had in my life, it was my first time doing this type of activity, and he was always available and kind to answer the questions of this newcomer in detail. When he arrived at the Aconcagua, he already knew perfectly how each day of the day would be since the schedule of activities developed as they were presented to us. The work team is excellent; our guide made the trip up the Mountain very pleasant; his support and support were vital the first days while we acclimatized. The head porter did an excellent job transporting our belongings, arranging for everything to be upright when we reached each point so that we could rest immediately. The cook took the experience to another level. The experience was so good that I plan to return next season for my second adventure in Aconcagua; I hope to be lucky enough to make this trip with the same team.

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