Moving Estimates: Factors that you must know

Your house search is complete and you are ready to move and the first thing that comes to your mind is to hire the best professional moving company. Hiring a good and reputable moving company ensures the safe transportation and delivery of your household goods so it is important to be very conscious while choosing the moving company. To get the best moving company, the first thing you need to do is to call in at least three moving companies for moving estimates as that will be the most basic factor that will help you in choosing the best moving company at an affordable price.

Types of Moving Estimates

If you have moved home before, you might be aware of the types of moving estimates provided by most professional moving companies. To get the best moving quotes, it is mandatory to understand all types of moving estimates that you will get to decide from. There are mainly three types of moving quotes that include:

Binding Moving Estimate: A binding moving estimate means the estimated moving prices quoted in the beginning will remain the same on the invoice. In case you hire additional services later then only those charges will be added with your consent to the previously estimated price. A binding moving estimate is considered best for long-distance moves as even if your moving weight exceeds the assumed weight, you will not have to pay extra for that. Similarly, if the final weight is less than the assumed weight, you will still be paying the quoted amount. In case of a binding moving estimate, you will be sure of your moving budget as there will not be any changes at the last minute unless you hire the company for extra services. But in binding estimates, the company includes only the transportation part and you will have to pay extra for any additional services including packing. So, if you decide to get the packing done by the professional movers, you will have to pay extra for that.

Non-binding Moving Estimate: A non-binding moving estimate is also generally quoted for interstate moves in which the company will quote you a price based on the size of your shipment and the distance to be traveled as told by you. This estimated price may change on a moving day according to the services, for instance, if your shipment weighs less than the estimated weight then you will pay less than the quoted price and if it weighs more then you will pay more than the quoted price. For an interstate move, most people prefer a non-binding moving estimate as the final price is generally less than the quoted price. The final moving cost is measured by weighing the truck before and after loading your total inventory. So, the final weight of your goods will decide the final price that may or may not be the same as quoted by the company.

Not to Exceed Binding Moving Estimate: This type of moving estimate is also used for long-distance moves and is almost similar to binding moving estimate where the moving company cannot charge more than the quoted price. Even though the price cannot exceed the quoted price, the customer will pay less if the weight of the final shipment is less than the weight mentioned in the moving estimate.

For a local move, most professional moving companies charge on an hourly basis. So, we can say that almost all local moving quotes are non-binding moving estimates. Local moving companies charge for labor, truck, and packing goods use in the moving process along with the time taken for the whole moving process. If the move takes longer than the estimated time, you may have to pay extra.

Along with the type of moving estimate, many other factors can impact your final moving budget. 

Moving Date

Your moving date and day play a significant role in deciding your moving cost as most companies charge higher during peak moving seasons. If possible, try to move during lean season and on weekdays instead of weekends as weekends are often costly to move. Decide your move as early as possible as early birds often get discounts.

Size of Your Move

Another factor that determines the total moving cost is the size of your shipment. For long-distance moves, professional moving companies charge based on the final weight of your goods. It is legal for the moving companies to charge based on weight as the customer may have to pay extra if the company charges based on volume. Charging on a volume basis is also illegal in some states. If you are looking for download the latest movies for free, you can download free movies from Tamilmv. And You can also download free movies from PagalMovies

Additional Services

The final price of your move is also determined by the additional services taken by you. If you opt for more than labor and transportation, you will have to pay extra for every additional service taken by you.

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