Make your trip to Sharjah amazing with these travel tips

Are you planning to travel across the UAE? Should you be visiting Sharjah? But as it is a Muslim majority region so there are a few things that one should follow. We all know that famous proverb, which says when in Rome do as Romans do. It is mainly to make your trip comfortable and without any bad memories. 

If it is your first trip to UAE or the middle east, then there are several things you should consider before flying off. There is a long list of things from learning the basic public ethics to searching for the best rent a car Sharjah

Do not plan for the nightclubs 

Sharjah is not a place for the night owls, who love to party and roam around on the streets while drunk. It is a Muslim majority city, and there are no casinos and pubs. However, even if you wish to be out at night, then beaches are always open, you can enjoy some time there, and they are always very lighted, several entertainers would be out to make your nights exciting. Moreover, there are amazing restaurants, offering the best cuisines too. The only thing that you will not get in Sharjah is the pubs. 

Do not reveal the skin that much. 

The people in Sharjah and the government will not accept you friendly if you are not ready to wear what they wish. People are advised to only keep long frocks, skirts, and cloaks. There is no way one wears too many extravagant and revealing clothes, it will only cause trouble, and many people will start staring at you. It is not about the religion there, but the culture, as people are not used to it. 


This is not a popular thing among westerners. You need to be a very adept negotiator when shopping in UAE or the middle east. Many vendors there will try to tell you a higher rate because of the currency rate, and they think that the foreigners can pay more easily. That is why every foreigner should try to bargain before purchasing from the local vendors in bazaars. However, if you are shopping from a store and a brand, the prices will be fixed, and you cannot bargain there. 

Winters are the best in Sharjah. 

If you are traveling from a colder region, you cannot stay in Sharjah during the summer season. Therefore, you should always plan your trip in winter, for example, in October or February. These months are way cooler, but we cannot say that these will feel colder to you. Even in winters, the temperature is around 20 degrees, and it is not very cold for those living at 10 degrees, even in summers. 

Do not forget the tips. 

There are different places in Sharjah where you will need to hire a guide. Do not forget to tip those guides whenever you hire them; moreover, one should also tip the waiters. It is a norm there. 

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