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The digital lending options offer the best solutions to every need of the customer. Whether you have a business and you need working capital, a personal loan for utilities, vacation, and more. Today one can easily apply for home improvement and commercial loans as well. Loan Consulting Pro is a new digital lending service that offers loan solutions for all kinds of business goals, commercial construction projects, home renovations and more. Apply today!

Let us see the types of home improvement loans and how to apply

Types of home improvement loans

Home equity loan

The equity you have for the home lets you enjoy benefits from the Home equity loans. The calculation of home equity occurs by running an assessment of the property value excluding the outstanding balance if anything is present on the existing loans. A home equity loan can be approved even with any existing mortgage loan, the borrower can make payments for both every month, unlike other refinancing options. It is a great way to utilize built-up equity when you have a huge project. The loan disbursal is in a single upfront payment. Since the home is the collateral even the interest rates are less.

HELOC (home equity line of credit)

The second option for getting home improvements without considering refinancing is a home equity line of credit (HELOC). It works just like a credit card where the borrower will get a pre-approved limit for the loan and can use the amount required from it, repay and borrow again when required. The interest on the loan depends on the term and it is calculated only on the amount used and not on the line of credit. It is useful for small expenses or renovations that are ongoing.

Cash-out refinance

Cash-out refinance is known to be the best option for home improvements. It requires you to refinance a new mortgage. The balance must be higher than the present loan. Once the existing loan or mortgage is cleared the remaining cash can be used for your needs. The cash-out refinance can be used for other purposes. For example you can clear an existing debt, invest the money, etc. It can be helpful to modify the tenure of the loans.

Personal loan

For people with less home equity, a personal loan would be a useful option. It is useful when you can’t use the home as collateral. Personal loans are unsecured and you can obtain them more quickly than other types of loans. The processing can be as fast as the same day or the next business day. The borrower gets adjustable loan rates or fixed also. Since it is an unsecured loan the interest rates are higher than home equity loans or HELOCs. However, the borrower’s credit rating will be the deciding factor for interest rates. The flexibility for the payback period is usually less than 5 years and the borrower might pay closing costs. It is the most preferred home improvement loan option because of its accessibility and fast disbursal. It can be used for immediate repairs like heater installation, pipes installation, etc.

Now that we have seen the types of loans for home improvement let us see how to get a home improvement loan.

Make a budget

The primary need is to check the credit score as the lenders check creditworthiness. Also, good credit scores help borrowers to get less interest rates.

Make a quick comparison

Always gather information from multiple lenders and check the best and most feasible option. It helps in choosing the terms and interest rates.

Prepare the documents

Whether you are an individual or a business owner you must keep all your documents like income proof, address proof, bank statements, etc ready for submission, and verification.

Apply for loan

The last step is to pick a lender whether you are applying online or through a local branch office you need to complete the application process. Sometimes the application might require online and branch visits.

Review and approval

Once you have applied you need to wait till the processing time for the lender to review the application. Once it’s reviewed and approved the loan amount will be disbursed as per the agreed terms.

These days home improvement products and services are booming all over the world. It improves the entire space, enhances the appearance, improves space utilization, and instantly brightens the home making it appealing. Funding for home improvement projects is simple with digital lenders. Now you can plan to upgrade windows, build a modular kitchen, upgrade bathrooms, and fix up the roof in a jiffy.

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