KBC- The most popular Indian television gaming show

KBC is one of the most popular game show in India. KBC is known as “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” Basically, “Kaun Banega Crorepati” is a show where you can be a millionaire, and basically, the process happens through lottery. This show is quite similar to a previous television named the Millionaire franchise. All those contestants are asked various kinds of multiple-choice questions. Contestants have to prefer the right answer among all the multiple (four) options. During the program, you can use various kinds of lifelines. By using those lifelines, you can able to submit the right answer if you can. If the Contestant cannot submit the proper answer, KBC will kick them out of the show. The rule of the game is relatively easy. As KBC is one of the popular television shows, so many people want to be Millionaire. They want to participate in this show because who doesn’t want to be the Millionaire? Anyone can participate in the KBC show. So, every Contestant should consult via KBC WhatsApp Number. To know more about the process or acquire your preferable Branch number, you have to click on it.

How can you attend the KBC TV show?

Before you attend the Indian most popular television gaming show KBC, you must follow some rules and regulations. 

  1. Qualifications:

at first, the Contestant has to face the beginning step, which is called the registration process. After registration, KBC sends you an SMS, and you have to answer it randomly. After primary selection, you are ready for the next process, named “Fastest Finger First.” 

But you have to alert on two things. One of them is, Your age has to be more than 18 years old, and the other one is, you have to be an Indian citizen.  If you are eligible for all those criteria, then you are ready for the next process. 

  1. Fastest Finger First:

Fastest Finger First is the process where all the Contestants gather in the studio to acquire the hot seat of Millionaire. All the Contestants should participate in this process. KBC is asked three questions among all the Contestant. Those who can answer accurately in the very shortest amount of time can get the preferable hot seat. 

  1. Main GamePlay:

After all the processes you have been passed accurately, then you can sit on the Hot seat. The main gameplay starts with answering multiple-choice questions. The more questions you can answer, the more your owning money will increase. The Contestant can use many types of lifelines during the gameplay of “Kaun Banega Crorepati.” To participate in this program, you have to contact with KBC Head Office Number.

All the lifelines are described below:

a) Audience Poll:

The audience poll is the lifeline of all the audience. You can ask a question to the audience. The audience will answer the question, and a poll will create according to the audience’s answer. You can ensure the majority one. 

b) 50:50 chances:

in this process, the computer will remove two multiple answers from your four options. The computer will give you one right answer and one wrong answer, and you have to choose the right answer between two options. 

c) Phone a person:

By using the “phone a person” lifeline, you can make a call to your friend to answer the question. If your friend can submit the right answer, you can go with the next round. 

d) Flip the Question:

If you cannot answer a question, you can flip this question using this lifeline, and this lifeline is only valid for one time.  

By using the brain and these unique lifelines, you could be a millionaire. Anyone can participate in this program. 

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