Is Webflow Better Than WordPress?

Webflow and WordPress are both equally popular website builders. They are used by millions of people worldwide. The purpose of these website builders is that they allow you to easily create a website.

Despite their popularity, there is a whole Webflow vs WordPress fiasco that has people taking either side. If you are new in this field and can’t decide which one is best for you, keep on reading because we will be comparing Webflow vs WordPress in this article.

What to Look for in a Website Builder?

Before we dwell on the comparison between Webflow or WordPress, let’s take a moment to discuss a website builder. What is it and how to decide which is right for you.

  • Cost: Cost is a major factor whenever we want to buy something. The same goes for website builders. You would want to buy a website that is within your budget reach.
  • User-friendly: From an objective point of view, every user wants the program to be user-friendly. If it is complicated, people shift to another website building platform.
  • Templates: The users want to have access to a bunch of options, so you should go for the one that has more variety of options.
  • Ecommerce: Always go for a website builder that can allow you to sell things online.
  • Customization: Different website builders offer a customization option by which you can enhance the functionality of the website.


Webflow is a cloud-based website builder that doesn’t require coding and no plugins. A good thing about this visual website builder is that it is not just a web design tool but also acts as CMS and a hosting platform. The Webflow can help professional designers to design custom websites with ease.

Unlike the other website builder, this allows you to do customization which is only possible using HTML CSS, and Javascript.  It is a tool for professionals where they can manage a visually attractive website. Additionally, this website builder allows customization through the building editor and add or replaces the content with Webflow editor, you won’t need to hire website designers and developers because it allows you to do everything on your own.

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WordPress is known as open-source software. This is free and anyone can download and use it to make your website. It has been immensely popular because it’s pretty old. It’s been around since 2003 so almost everyone knows about it. It is the reason why WordPress is recognized and widely used all around the world. WordPress works in a way that allows a person to set up a base with the minimum process and put more focus on sharing your story, product, or services free of cost.

You can start your process by purchasing a domain and hosting. It is not costly and can be bought with your pocket money. Once you get the domain and hosting, you can have a website up and running in minutes.

The Key Features of WordPress

  • Customizable Templates
  • SEO friendly (search engines)
  • Mobile responsive sites
  • High Performance
  • Mobile apps for managing your site on the go
  • Powerful media management
  • Easy and accessible
  • Over 54,000 WordPress plugin options, allowing you to customize your website
  • Huge community

Differences Between Webflow vs WordPress

There are a few differences between Webflow and WordPress. It’s better to clarify them.

Webflow vs WordPress: Creative Design & Templates

Webflow gives you complete freedom to design a website with flexibility but WordPress is mostly based on templates. Webflow offers you to create something new every time. So professional designers use this platform to come up with new and attractive web designs. With Webflow page builder, you are allowed to do Webflow eCommerce on your own without hiring a developer.

WordPress has a lot of templates. but WordPress is only good with the help of plugins. There is a plugin for every situation but sometimes plugins can also cause problems to your WordPress site.

WordPress works well for writing any blog post but not for online stores.


Webflow offers a clean and good code quality that can contribute to Webflow eCommerce whereas WordPress web designers do coding and it has a tendency to get messy because WordPress usually requires plugins for functionality. Usually, when we use a specific theme on a WordPress site, chances are that it will create messy code on the backend. This causes problems such as slow speed, 404 error, or crashes completely.

All of these coding errors can lead to low ranking on search engines. You can get helo for coding through video tutorials.

Webflow is expensive and WordPress is cheaper

A website needs design, development, and maintenance over time and Webflow pricing can be pretty expensive. But WordPress themes are relatively cheap. With a little bit of technical knowledge, web developers can manage your WordPress website on their own. WordPress allows you to choose your hosting provider and install the software on your own.

You need to pay less money but you can still buy WordPress hosting. However, Webflow e-commerce is more premium price but it allows you to create something exceptional with money.

Easy to Update

Webflow is a highly professional platform where you need to catch up with the updates as per your own will. On the other hand, using WordPress doesn’t require you to catch up with the updates as they will be installed automatically and you will get notifications. It is ideal for those who are not tech-savvy. The content management system (CMS) of WordPress is automatic and easy for small-level businesses.

But people who have been using Webflow think that WordPress’s constant updates are a bit annoying. Plus the webflow visual editor is a breeze for anyone to make changes.

Drag and Drop Feature

Webflow and WordPress both feature the option for a drag and drop page builder. Both of them offer a range of customized options. However, in WordPress, you are required to use a plugin to enable this feature. As for Webflow, these features are enabled from day one. They allow you to create a theme that has never been produced. With a little money, you can hire a developer or webflow designer agency to set up an online business.


If we analyze both platforms Webflow vs WordPress, they are both great but it is up to the user. If you are a beginner, you are not skilled enough to customize and use a website builder such as Webflow. On the other hand, if you are a professional and don’t have time to build a website from scratch, do SEO settings or manage an online store, you would want a website builder that has an established content management system and web designing tool to set up an online store. So, WordPress wouldn’t be a good choice given the description.

here are some quick benefits of using webflow

  • Webflow gives you the freedom to create completely customized websites without the need for any coding
  • The drag and drop page builder lets you build and customize your pages in a way you want, all in the same page interface
  • You can easily create animations and interactions with no need to use code
  • Websites are SEO friendly
  • Easy and faster to Rank on google
  • Make edits to your page directly on the page, so you can see exactly what your page will look like before you hit publish
  • Invite editors and collaborators to add and review content on your website
  • Powerful hosting with minimal downtime for your visitors
  • Free SSL certificate includedVisit Here : Tamilmv

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