Introducing Three POE 3.21 Crucible Expansion Starter Builds

Today, I’m sharing with you 3 starter builds for Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible expansion. After you’ve read these patch notes, you’ll be ready to start your new character build with POE Currency. If you are a new player, don’t worry at all, because here I will tell you in detail the skills you need to pay attention to in this entry-level build.

1. Venom Gyre Deadeye

This time I’m mainly talking about Venom Gyre Deadeye. Ranger class Venom Gyre is actually a very interesting skill. It fires a projectile that damages enemies with fire attacks and returns to attack you. When a projectile successfully turns towards you, it deals with piercing damage to everything in its path. You can only keep and stack them up to 30 times. It released as soon them as you use its movement skills.

The good thing about this patch is that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, it has an amazing first boss damage skill and over 100k HP effect. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy to assemble. It does not require any military unique items.

The downside of Teresa that players now have to deal with is the real challenge. It’s hard for players to find something they don’t like in this patch. However, I will say that, as is common with most builds, this build is also vulnerable to Chaos corruption. Unless you refer to previous leaks, invest in chaos resistance gear according to your budget.

This build is so cheap, you only need about 90 KS to have it ruin your game app, allowing players to easily pass through Advanced Yellow Maps. You need to put in about 120 mess. To easily accomplish your goal, I suggest you can invest about 4 Divine Orbs for clearing speed.

The damage output due to Venom Gyro projectile lingering during screen damage is already pretty amazing. And now with Deadeye, which provides higher speed and many Buffs to protect the player. So, as you can see with this level 16, it is also very useful when the player is fighting the boss.

You can also instantly have 50 stacked projectiles with Vaal Venom Gyre, and defend bosses with Whirling Blades for an amazing shotgun effect. It’s just something real, and I can’t believe they have undercut it just because this one is available.

2. Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder

This patch also has a strong build with over 100000 effective HP due to high Armor, high evasion, spell suppression and block chest to follow. We also have Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder and Ranger classes Pathfinder.

They can also upgrade the build with some interesting buffs, and this accumulation is already an amazing start. Using Poisonous Concoction to quickly cast large amounts of poison and uranium instead of attacking enemies with weapons is also an advantage of this build.

I’ll start with the simplicity of the upgrade. It’s known for being low investment, strong, safe, and fast, making it the perfect build for beginners. Even though it’s a cheap build, it can be expensive if you need to activate all abilities, this is because you need an Enlighten Support Gem to do it. But don’t worry, it’s not mandatory at all.

As for the budget, you can afford about 85 KS with the best three Yellow Maps to destroy your game map. You also need to throw in about 120 chaos. You’ll also need to invest about 4 more Divine Orbs if you want an easy resurrection.

But you can buy POE Currency to do it quickly. You only need a unique item to build Devouring Diadem, which lets you activate all time and use your energy shots as Mana, and the helmet is usually pretty cheap. It can be expensive if it’s day one in a new league. However, you just have to follow the instructions in the full guide, build before Clear Speed drops in price, and you’ll be fine without it.

This build also comes with many defense strategies such as high Armor, high evasion, spell suppression and 50 chance to block attacks and spells. Of course, all these Grants are based on HP effect of more than 100000.

3. Toxic Rain Raider

Finally, we also have entry level builds for those who prefer Archers, including Toxic Rain Raider as well as other Ranger classes. These builds take advantage of Raiders’ attack speed to deploy multiple points that drain the health of enemies.

There are advantages to this build, and I’ll start with how easy this build is to put together. You don’t need any military unique items, so this build is also great for beginners. And, this build will help you with very noticeable increases in Clear Speed, boss damage and survivability, only need you POE Currency buy before do it.

But there’s also a major problem with investing in this build. We don’t get the mana or health we should when dealing with a build that breaks over time.

Due to this issue, we need rare rings to reduce the mana cost of skills. As for the budget, you only need about 100 Chaos to destroy our game map to upgrade to Yellow Maps. You’ll also need to invest around 150 Chaos to get either version of Round 4 device easily. But you can totally have this class, because her Clear Speed is very high.

As I rated it, you already have a lot of movement speed and attack speed, and you don’t need to deploy the parts all at once. It will automatically consume surrounding enemies.

Thanks to your power combined with Toxic Rain and Totems, even the most powerful bosses will simply melt like butter before your eyes. This is because this build has the ability of high Armor, high evasion, spell suppression. You can use Ring of the Black Star from a safe distance and it will slow down enemies massively.

That concludes the starter build we created for Path of Exile 3.21 expansion Crucible. Keep in mind that I’ll still be following POE 3.21 Crucible Beginners’ Guides until the league officially kicks off. I hope that in the coming days, as always, there will be many useful things appearing.

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