Introducing the Company That Keeps New Zealand’s Industries Running

If you work in any manufacturing or service industry in New Zealand, there is a high chance you have heard about the industry-leading Supply Services Ltd. This family-owned, NZ operated company began mainly as a chemical importation business, with some focus on engineering. Come 1997, the chemical side of the business was sold, and Supply Services began focusing purely on the engineering aspect of the company.

Since then, the company has risen from strength to strength as New Zealand’s most trusted supplier and manufacturer of industrial conveying & drive chains, performance engineering plastics, sprockets, and other attachments, which serve almost every industry in New Zealand.

While their headquarters are based out of Mt Maunganui, they have locations across Auckland and Christchurch which allow them to offer complete on-the-road coverage of both the North and South islands. Their staffing is conservative and calculated with 55 in-house technical specialists, designers, engineers, and manufacturers who are absolute experts in their field. Their presence across New Zealand is owed to their capability to provide their clients with high-level customer-facing service, reputable brands, and quality finished products.

In-House Capabilities

While Supply Services certainly wears many different hats, we can narrow their capabilities to three main pillars: chains & sprockets, engineering plastics, and engineering services. They boast New Zealand’s largest selection of conveyor chains, roller chains, sprockets, and associated accessories for drives and material handling equipment, and they offer a mixture of off-the-shelf industrial chains from leading manufacturers and chains that are made to order for a specific application or industry.

As far as plastics are concerned, they stock a full range of high performance amorphous or semi-crystalline thermoplastics and imidised materials that can be customised and engineered into just about any part needed for any industry requirements.

This brings us to their final pillar—unbeatable service in high-performance engineering. They offer a range of engineering services including (but not limited to) computer-aided design (CAD), conventional and CNC machining, cut to size plastics, reverse engineering, welding, assembly, & fabrication. All three of their nationwide branches offer these expert engineering services and are fully stocked with the engineering plastics, chains, sprocket, and associated parts needed to design and manufacture their quality finished products.

Industry Leaders

By looking at their three pillars of operation, it’s no surprise that Supply Services leads the charge in their industry, but there are several additional reasons this company has achieved its level of success to date. Over the last number of years, and indeed from the beginning, Supply Services has invested heavily in new technology to move the company forward. They are a company that inherently recognises the pace at which the New Zealand manufacturing and services industries grow and understand that their survival is based on their ability to stay consistently at the top of their game, ahead of their many industry competitors.

In conjunction with this, they have also gone to great lengths to foster long-term relationships with their suppliers, which allows them deep reach into numerous companies for technical support and a wealth of knowledge. As a result of these factors, their clients can rest assured that they will receive the greatest level of service and quality products from a company that values innovation and high performance.

Reach Out to Them

Supply Services can solve any industry problem with a quality solution. Their technical experts are available to take on any issue and offer a full service from start to finish. Check out their website for an overview of their products and services, or reach out to them for a more detailed brochure.

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