After recovering from substance abuse and getting sober perhaps for a short time, your main goal is to stay permanently in the state of sobriety after years of substance abuse, without getting a relapse.

But for some people, it is not always easy to stay sober, while avoiding a relapse. So, here are some tips you can engage to pull yourself together. By the way, see here for the best substance abuse treatment at affordable prices.

  • Care for your Health

Your mental health, specifically, can play a huge role in your addiction. In some cases, it could be the cause, and in most cases, it could be a co-occurring effect.

Your mental health is important before, during, and after your sober state. If it is not well checked, you could get yourself addicted to drugs again.

It is important to reach out to medical healthcare professionals or psychologists for this cause. They are well equipped in helping you to find the right mental balance.

  • Identify your Spark

A major support system when trying to stay sober is to point out your internal and external triggers. Your internal triggers could be your emotions, feelings, and thoughts linked with drug abuse. Your external triggers could be situations, people, movies, or places that spark cravings for drug abuse.

  • Create a Structure to avoid your Triggers

You should equip yourself with measures against your triggers when they come around. Some triggers — stress, financial troubles, unemployment, marriage, or relationship distress — could be your biggest risks. Create a plan against such situations. And attach some disciplinary measures on relapse warning signs.

  • Avoid Old Habits

You should cut out old routines and habits you developed during your substance abuse period. You should not hang around the same people and places that will stimulate your interest in drugs again. You might need to disconnect your relationship with the drug dealer or friends who are addicts. At this point, your measures against old routines should be clear, even unto those who are involved.

  • Take up new routines

You could also take up a new living structure. Replace old routines with new ones. Find jobs, engagements, routines, or activities that would mean so much to you.

  • Build Healthy Support Systems

After disconnecting your old relationships, connect yourself with new ones. Rely on family members and medical experts for support, even if your relationships have not been cordial. Create measures at which it will be easy to attend therapy sessions with them. Also, when going for an unavoidable event or party, take one or two of them with you to serve as oversights. And stay in touch with them when you feel stimulated.

  • Join Anti-Drug-Abuse Organization or Networks

They may be NGOs. It will be safer to join them to build a network with safe inclinations. There, you may meet fellow victims in the same situation as you are. Attend their meetings and actively support their programs. Connect yourself with the leaders in such networks.

  • Leave Healthy

Your healthy lifestyle will medically influence your mental health. You should adopt living patterns that would boost your physical and emotional health. At this point, you should make self-care the best thing that has ever happened to you.

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Exercise your body frequently. Eat good diet meals regularly. Get good sleep. Practice yoga or other relaxation strategies. Engage yourself in recreational activities and routines.

  • Take Up a Personal Advocacy against Drug Abuse

You tend to dislike it completely when you train your mind to stand against every form of abuse. You could hold social crusades, print out fliers, customize a T-Shirt or engage social media platforms for this purpose.

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