How To Sell On AWS Market Place

AWS Marketplace is the online store that was in 2012 by Amazon. It is one amazing place where the users may buy & sell the applications that run on the Amazon Web Services. The company uses AWS Marketplace for selling AWS-approved products. Amazon oversees the sellers & products in AWS Marketplace for checking their reliability, security levels, and ethics. Amazon controls billing & payment options via AWS user info. Software sold in AWS Marketplace generally aims to add a little value to the current AWS cloud solutions; it’s available in many different software categories if you are looking to sell on AWS Market Place.

Users may sell custom AMIs used to launch the EC2 instances.

Launching from the paid AMI will be the same as launching from other provided AMIs by Amazon. No, any extra parameters will be needed in such a case. It will be charged as per the rates that are set by the AMI owner, and the standard usage costs for its related web solutions.

Check Out the Product Accessible in the AWS Marketplace

The software infrastructure product such as OSes, big data managing, security, as well as migration tools.; the Developer tools such as Bug tracker, data source control, monitoring, and apps testing; the Business Intelligence software, which collaborates the e-commerce apps, to storage & recovery; and discovery and a lot of more Microsoft desktop apps for managing the billing & accounting. All the software helps the developers & administrators to maintain and manage their daily data transactions & business operations running smoothly and effectively.

AWS Marketplace for the Reserved Instance

When you have listed the Reserved Instances on a RI Marketplace, these instances can be accessible for potential buyers. All Reserved Instances will be grouped as per the remaining duration and hourly rate. So, to fulfill the request of the buyers, the AWS groups RI instances & sort them in the proper order of the lowest upfront costs. After that AWS processes these transactions & transfers the ownership of Reserved Instances to their buyer.

You own the Reserved Instances till they are sold out. After this sale, you gave up your capacity reservation & decreased recurring charges. Suppose you continue using such an instance, AWS may charge you with On-Demand costing when you started selling RIs.

Who can use the AWS Marketplace?

As a seller and subscriber, you can easily use this platform. Being a seller of the software product, you may get the sales of the product & as a subscriber, you may use the specific software for business purposes.

A feature offered by the AWS Marketplace 

Being a seller, you have to register in the AWS Marketplace with some details needed at your end.

When as a seller you have the place not just to offer the software product, but can also market it, offer customer support, handle multiple products as well as upload product documentation files if you want to. Thus, you must check out everything possible when using e-Commerce AWS marketplace as a seller.

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