How to open a can without a can opener

In daily life, we often encounter the problem of opening cans. Cans with pull tabs are easier to open, but some cans do not have pull tabs. For example, coconut milk and evaporated milk are commonly used in baking. How can the can opener be easier to open? Let me teach you 3 practical tips!
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1. Use a spoon

Place the can on a stable surface, hold the can firmly in one hand, and hold the metal spoon in the other. The tip of the spoon is aligned with the inside edge of the can lid. Slide the can lid back and forth against the edge until the tip of the spoon penetrates the can lid. Continue to use this method to cut the edges around.

Note: Only metal spoons can be used, others cannot.

2. Use a kitchen knife

The can is placed on a stable table, the palm is at the junction of the handle and the blade, and the fingers are on both sides of the handle. Place the heel of the knife on the edge of the can lid (the root of the knife is the thickest part of the knife edge), press down firmly, and the heel of the knife can be pressed into the can lid to form a small hole. Move a few centimeters against the edge, and then open the hole in the same way.

Note: Do not use the tip of a knife to make it. The thicker heel of the knife is not easy to slide, and it is less dangerous. In addition, cutting metal with the tip of a knife will wear the tip of the knife.

3. Screwdriver and hammer

Find a household screwdriver, preferably a flat-mouthed one. Follow the recess in the can lid and gently hit the screwdriver handle with a hammer, then hit it once to open it.

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