How to Make Meaningful Testimonial Videos

You have to make a testimonial video to get people’s attention since 96% of people do not trust ads; for a customer to select your product among so many, you have to make a compelling testimonial video that will encourage the customer to buy your product.

A testimonial video is very effective, and 79% of prospective customers start by watching the testimonial video about your brand before they make a purchase. After watching the video, the client decides whether to buy or not and most likely, the bigger percent, almost two-thirds, end up buying your product.

Since testimonial videos are an important tool in marketing your product, here are ideas on how to make a testimonial video

How to Make Meaningful Testimonial Videos

Specify What the Client Expects from your Product

Specifying is powerful because it visualizes what your customer expects and how your product will help them. The more you visualize how your product will help the client, the more it will lead them to buy, so when making testimonial video production, lead your prospect to imagine using your product.

Capture the Real Moment

For example, if you sell wine, capture the tasters’ real-time reaction and add it to your production. The real-time testimonial video production gives the video an authentic touch. The customer reaction could be the only thing standing between your product and making huge sales because your prospects are drawn into buying your product with catchy customer reactions.

Use the Customers’ Journey

In customer journeys, your buyer will know what to expect once they purchase and the experience of using the product. For example, if you offer fitness solutions, you can use one of your clients to talk about her journey when using your fitness solutions services and narrate her satisfaction through the journey.

A customer’s journey doesn’t just end with results but the journey and experiences to achieving their goal. A good customer journey video will attract the right prospects since they are passing through the same journey and look forward to the same testimony.

Use the Intercut Testimonial with Positive Results

Intercut testimonials work magic because it is fun when happy clients share their testimonies about how they are satisfied with your product. In the intercut, you can include before and after using your product or services, encouraging your customers to use your product.

What gets in the audience’s mind is you are not afraid to show off your happy clients, so the product must be excellent, and they would look forward to the customer satisfaction your product offers.

Feature Target Customers Using Different Testimonials

You can create testimonials for different clients, for example, male or female. Most people will watch videos from people of the same gender or people like me, leading to new prospective customers. Get creative and use people from different age groups, backgrounds, ethnicity, and gender.


A testimonial video gives your prospects the courage to pick on your product or service after watching other people’s experiences after using your product. It also opens the buyers’ eyes to what they expect after they purchase what you are offering them. So before making a testimonials video, you should consider making it creative and relevant to your targeted audience.

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