How to make a meme – Understanding memes

Consider different types of memes. There are different categories of memes. Other internet subcultures also have their own meme styles. Here are the different styles of memes.

  • Traditional: A meme is a common meme on social media. This often includes easily recognizable images such as movie scenes, images of celebrities, cats, or viral images. They often comment on the latest trends and current affairs.
  • Dank: Memes contain humor that is ridiculous or out of context. Wet memes often try to imitate traditional memes by applying them in absurdly new ways. They often target outdated or dead memes.
  • Edgy: Vanguard memes contain dark humor and are designed to shock people and push social norms.
  • Healthy: Healthy memes are less humorous and contain positive and uplifting messages.

I know what a meme is

The term “meme” generally refers to internet on Funny memes. These are captioned image or video styles that are typically circulated on various websites and social media. There are several types of memes, but most use repetitive images, styles, or content. It may also refer to slang internet shorthand pictogram or keyboard representation.

Learn about meme humor

For the most part, Memes ridicule the way people react to trends and current events. Humor is usually based on satire. Meme humor can be ridiculous or obviously ridiculous. Entertainment comes from pointing out the absurdity or simply the absurdity of a situation. An example of meme humor is the influx of memes after a Cincinnati Zoo employee killed to save a child from pens. The meme uses irony to ridicule animal lovers’ reactions to the death of an endangered gorilla. Humorous meme an example of humor is the experience of using a lowered bass or distorted voice to show a moment in a video.

Research the current meme

Many Funny Spiderman meme styles have emerged over the years. You don’t want to make outdated means. Search for this year’s meme to see trends. Also, keep an eye out for memes posted by others, no matter where you are on the internet twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or 4Chan. A meme is called “death” when people forget or forget to use a meme as a base image. Find current memes like r/memes and dank memes. Also, certain memes can become famous. Quote images and videos from other memes and viruses in your memes. When creating a meme, referencing popular events, books, movies, video games, etc. will add to the comedy value of the meme. For example, a popular movie scene in a movie is often used to express a reaction to an event. Popular images include a smiling Willy Wonka, a close-up look at futurama fries, and a clown dancing on the stairs.

Combines two conflicting properties, combining plain imagery with explicit text (or vice versa) creates a strange and ridiculous contrast to the meme. This kind of absurdity is often characteristic of viral memes. Combining cat images with blasphemous humor, for example, is a great way to create absurdity.

Create a meme

  • Most memes are image-based. Make sure it’s an image or video that represents your message. It could be a scene from a movie showing an actor’s reaction, or a screenshot from a funny social media post. It can be an image of a public figure. 
  • You can use Google Image Search to search for and download almost any image you can think of.
  • You can also use the screen capture feature of your computer, phone, or tablet to capture images from videos, games, or social media.
  • Add text to the image. In most photo editor applications, the text tool resembles the letter “T” or letter “A”. Click or tap the Text tool, then tap where you want to place the text. Typically, you want to center text at the top and/or bottom. Keep your text short and simple.
  • On iPhone and iPad, tap the plus icon (+) at the bottom of the screen, then tap Text to access the text tool. Click the text box and then click Edit to edit the text in the box.
  • On iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, click and drag the text box to move it to the desired location.
  • Choose the font for the text. Use the Font Options drop-down menu to select a text font easy-to-read bold font. Use bold sans-serif fonts such as Arial or Helvetica if your application cannot use them.

Choose a text color

Click or tap one of the swatches to choose a font color.  In general, it’s best to use black and white text. Use white text with black outlines, if available.

Choose a font size

Unless you’re using text to mark parts of your image, you should make your image taller, bolder, and centered on top, bottom, or both. Use the Font Size drop-down menu to select a font size. Just tap the text box with your thumb and index finger on iPhone, iPad, and Android to expand and resize the text box.

Save the meme

When you’re done editing your photo, tap Save or done on smartphones and tablets to save the image. If you are using a computer, click File > Save As. 

Share memes. 

Once you’ve created a meme, share it to spread the word. Start posting on new social media or web forums… Post an image and see the reaction.

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