How To Choose The Right Sized Storage Unit

Find out how to choose the perfect size budget self storage unit for your needs.

Renting an affordable self storage unit is helpful for a huge range of business and domestic purposes, see these selfstore prices. The very first step in getting your very own rented space is choosing the right facility, and of course, that all important unit size.

Doing this is more of a challenge than many people realise, because we tend to spread out items in the place we live. We don’t often have to think of our belongings and any one space like a game of Tetris.


The good news is that there are lots of tips and tricks that can help you to choose the right size storage unit so that you don’t pay too much for a space you don’t need, and you also have enough space to squeeze everything in.

Here’s how to choose the right sized storage unit for your needs:


It sounds like a basic tip, but so many people try to estimate the unit size themselves rather than consulting the experts at the budget self storage facility. Those people are experienced in knowing roughly how much fits into any one space. What they can do is give you an estimated quote based on your estimated ideas of what you are storing (more on that below), or they can sometimes come out and give you a quote – something you’re likely to need if you are looking at storing a large amount, like a whole houses worth of contents. This is the quickest way to choose the right unit size, although there are other things you can do to get a rough estimation yourself too.

What Do You Need To Store?

Before you estimate what you need to store, do declutter and remove anything from your home or garage that you know is not something that you need or want.

The only time this isn’t relevant is if you’re sorting through an estate where it is important not to remove anything from the unit unless it is legal and accepted by others involved in the estate. This includes items you may see no value in, which can become a cause of arguments and even legal action.

Once you have removed anything relevant from your own belongings, or you’ve been able to see what is in a person’s house or space, you can then have a rough idea of what you need to store. It can help to note down larger items like sofas, chairs and tables and to take a note of their measurements too. Then, any other items could be packed away accordingly and then logged as small, medium or large boxes, which is very helpful when it comes to estimating the size of storage space that you need.

Don’t Forget About ‘Free Space’

When you are estimating which cheap storage in London you will need, it is important to remember that you may not be able store in every single part of the unit.

You should leave a walkway that enables you to walk around the unit and get to all the items inside, particularly if you will be going back and forth from the space, or it’s going to be used for affordable business storage. This space can also be a safety measure in units where a wall of stacked items could be dangerous.

You may also not be able to stack certain items either very high, or at all, so the height of the unit may not be as important as the floor space. In addition, you may want to leave free space between the items and the walls if they are outdoor units, which can often be very cold and may impact your belongings over time.

Consider Different Storage Sizes

When estimating which storage size you need, it is helpful to have a rough idea of the actual budget storage unit sizes available. Many people don’t realise that self storage can be as small as a gym locker, which is ideal for items like jewellery and smaller heirlooms and valuables. It can also be as big as a football field, although that tends to be more rare!

Do check with your potential new self storage facility to see what the average unit size is, and what is available. It may be that you need to store in multiple units, or, they might not do a unit that is the size you’re interested in. Another consideration is the dimensions, as we mentioned above. If the facility doesn’t do a unit tall enough for an item that cannot be made shorter, then you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Consider Unit Types

Another thing to think about when you’re planning your storage size is the type of unit you are considering renting. For example – if the unit is not drive up, is it suitable for the placing and removing of heavy boxes? Is it suitable for business use and deliveries? In this instance, the size may not be as important as the access. There are also climate controlled units, indoor and outdoor units types as well. So, if you need a specific type of unit, you may want to check if they are available and if so, what size they are. This may change the rental you consider, especially if the maximum storage type that you want is only available up to a certain size.

Take The Next Step And Make An Enquiry

The fact is, that it can be very hard to estimate the size of storage space that you need. The good news is that storage facility employees are very good at estimating how much space a person tends to need, and they’re very helpful at figuring out the logistics if you are struggling. The best thing to do is get as much information as possible before enquiring so that they have the best possible chance of helping you with an accurate quote. Take measurements, photographs and where possible, shrink down what you want to store to save yourself time and money. Hopefully, with the right sized unit, you can make the most of this handy, competitively priced service.

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