How Favouritetable Can Help Restaurateurs With More Table Reservations?

The hospitality industry is all about pleasing guests. Restaurants are a crucial part of this industry. Restaurant owners mostly attract customers through their delicious dishes. However, there are several other ways too. Restaurants can provide ease to the customers, which will make them want you more.

What type of ease should restaurants provide to the customers? Restaurants should put themselves in customers’ shoes to get an answer to this question. Customers all want the best service with easy procedures. Restaurants can give them an easy process for table reservation, food ordering system, and payments. The more accessible the procedure, the more they will want your restaurant at every dining.

How can you provide ease to customers? As you must be aware, the internet has a massive impact on people nowadays, and they prefer keeping things intact with online procedures. Even the post-pandemic period demands contactless services wherever possible. Restaurants can provide customers with a process from which they will make table reservations, access the menu, and make payments.

The implementation of this idea is not as easy as it may sound for the restaurants. Thus, favouritetable, an online restaurant table reservation software, helps the restaurants to reach their customers and provide them with the best services. How favouritetable will help your customers? Favouritetable has some finest features under table reservation. Once the customers reserve a table for themselves, they will get several features unfolded.

Sitting according to allotted table number

When it comes to dining, people are often skeptical of getting the right table for themselves. Every guest wants a table that is the best for the number of people and the restaurant’s best location. However, it is not possible for every visit to ensure a table at the restaurant’s best location and for the confirmed number of people, you can give them favouritetable.

Favouritetable will let your customers reserve tables for themselves as per their choice.

Select food and drinks from the menu and review them

Once you have the customer on your table, they will hunt on the menu to get the best food and drink options. You can design your customized menu with favouritetable and manifest it to the guest through the app.

When the guest makes an order, they can review their order before confirmation to avoid any mistake. Customers can edit the orders if they want to add something or remove it.


As soon as the guest confirms their order, the app will ask them to make payment. Payment will be taken in online mode, so ensure you make your customers aware of this policy.

Restaurants do not need to worry about the payment. Favouritetable does not control your payments. It only provides a secure payment gateway. Favouritetable will transfer the whole payment made by the customer to the restaurant owner’s account.

Give them confirmation and receipt

The customers will get a notification of the order confirmed. The app will email the receipt to the same account from which the table reservation was made. As soon as the guest get this email of confirmation and your receipt, they can sit back and relax to get their dishes on the table. Now they can enjoy the food.

Bottom line

Restaurants can have this app which will make it easier for customers to order during dining. For parties, guests can even pre-order. Such amazing features will enhance your restaurant management will give your guests an easy procedure for a table reservation and making payments.

Restaurants will have an accessible app to make things easier for them. Restaurants can handle payments well, organize work in a better manner. Restaurants will have to pay once as there is no monthly subscription policy. So, it is a one-time investment for the restaurants. Book a free demo if you are still bewildered about the services of favouritetable.

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