How does checking candidate proficiency during the hiring process benefit recruiters?

Employers want the best talent there is. This is one of the primary reasons they hire the services of recruiters. And to ensure that only the most skilled and qualified applicants are shortlisted, recruiters turn to use skills testing software. Doing this helps recruiters and employers understand candidate proficiency via appropriate skills tests.

Leveraging candidate skills testing software

Recruiters have a lot to gain by utilising candidate skills tests. It is helpful in various stages of the recruiting process. There’s a lot to gain from measuring candidate proficiency at the right time.

1. It helps sift massive candidate applications

There are many times when recruiters can get inundated with applications. It cannot be easy to go through each application and meticulously sift through the CVs and cover letters to get a better understanding of a candidate. This is especially challenging when there is a time crunch. Recruiters must have an efficient and effective way of filtering the large volume of applications at a faster pace while not compromising on the quality.

2. It helps with large volume hiring

When recruiters take on the task of mass hiring for similar roles, it can be challenging because it means finding candidates with similar types of talents and experiences. This is when using online skills testing software to assess candidate proficiency is extremely valuable. When all the applicants are given the same skills tests with the same grading style then there’s minimal chance of mistakes. It is a quicker and more effective way of identifying the abilities of a large volume of job applicants.

3. It helps check for any skills exaggeration

It is not unusual for recruiters to discover that their candidates have inflated their skill level. This does not bode well for recruiters if it is revealed once the candidate has been hired and started their new role. Therefore, getting the right skills tests to measure the applicant’s abilities and potential at the start of the recruiting process is necessary for quality hiring. Interviews do not always present an ideal condition for gauging applicants thoroughly.

4. It helps prevent the wrong hire

A time crunch, ill-prepared interview, a CV that seems to be stellar – anything can push a recruiter and hiring company to the wrong candidate. As mentioned above, interviews cannot provide a comprehensive look into a job seeker’s talent and experience. A skilled candidate may not always interview well due to circumstances. The recruitment process needs pre-employment skills testing stage to help employers prevent making a mistake when they do make the final choice.

5. It gives a competitive edge

Staffing agencies who use skills testing software have an instant edge over competitors who do not want to invest in this type of software. Online skills testing provides many benefits – easy candidate proficiency testing, a large library of assessments to choose from, quick skills test results available directly in the recruiter’s email. When one recruiter presents the employer with concrete evidence of their candidates’ talents and potential, the employer will be called to choose this recruiter over another who doesn’t.

Finally……make sure to choose wisely!

Research before finalising the software. Ensure that the skills testing software chosen works perfectly well with the agency’s choice of the recruitment software platform.

This integration must work smoothly because CRM software is something used daily by recruiters. Hence, the candidate skills testing software must function smoothly with the recruitment CRM.

Staffing agencies should book product demos, ask all the burning questions to the salespeople, and clear any doubts. Check the different types of skills tests available and make sure it is easy to use.

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