How Different Oil Press Machine Operates

In Kenya and even the world at large oil is an essential commodity and common worldwide and this has led to improvisation of oil press machines, this article entirely covers the types of these oil press machines and how they work.

Oil is used majorly for cooking in Kenya and it is extracted from vegetables, seeds and even algae and oil press machines used to extract oil from them. The significant of the oil press machines in Kenya and across the world is with no doubt a positive one. The machines are being embraced all over the world for their good work and affordable prices-although affordability depends on the buyer and the type of the machine involved.

Types of Oil Press Machines

There is a variety of oil press machines which extract oil from different sources in their own unique way;

1. I) Cold Oil Press Machine

This machine usually extracts oil at low temperatures of about 27 degrees Celsius and its acid value is relatively low, oil products are only obtained after filtration and precipitation and oil obtained does not need refinement.

II)Hot Oil Press Machine

This kind of machine works in contradiction of the cold oil press machine and it extracts oil at high temperature and usually its acid value is very high. Unlike the cold oil press machine there is need for refinement for the oil to be fit for human use.

How Oil the Press Machines Function

In case you have never learnt about how oil is extracted you will really wonder how wonderful the oil process occurs, this will also make you understand the different oil press machine price in Kenya.

The machines typically usecontinuous pressure and friction generated by the screw drive.They compress and move the seed substance. It then allows the oil to seep through tiny openings. The openings restrict all the seed fiber solids from getting through, thereforeplaying the role of a sieve.The pure seeds proceed to form a hardened cake-like that is then removed.

For the sunflower oil press machine, clean and dried sunflower are broken into smaller particles which are inserted into the press machine which allows for the seeds to be conditioned, the seeds are optimally cooked and then are allowed to enter the press chamber where high steel shafts and pressing worms crush the seeds thus giving out a product in form of crude oil as primary product.

The primary product is collected into an intermediary tank and oil cake is collected as a by-product, the crude sunflower oil is filtered to remove unwanted parties making it ready for consumption.

To sum it up, oil is usually made using an oil press machine which usually utilizes pressure to obtain oil from primary products like oil, vegetables, algae and many other sources of oil. This whole process of oil extraction is such an interesting procedure that many of us are not familiar with. We are only consumers of the oil with little or no knowledge of how it is produced.

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