Here’s how you can make a dab rig stronger for advanced users! Follow these 3 steps

If you have been smoking cannabis for quite some time now, you may be an advanced user. Instead of doing the basic steps of learning how to roll a joint, learning how to smoke out of a bong, and learning how to pack a bowl, you might be looking for more unique ways in which you can customize your smoking experience for full effect.

Instead of beginners who need to know how to use each accessory, need to know the differences between each type of flower, and the similarities between smoking accessories, advanced users want to find out new ways to smoke their favorite products!

Fortunately for you, we have an answer! Instead of using the same old joints, bubblers, bongs, and vape pens, we have a new method that can lead to a more intense high, better smoking experience, and more fun for an advanced user!

Let’s see three ways in which you can learn more and customize your smoking experience to allow for advanced-user personalization!

3 ways to customize your dab rig to lead to better results!

When it comes to using your dab rig as an advanced user, you may not know where to start. Now that you have entered the world of dabbing instead of just smoking weed, there are certain characteristics to know about before you begin your advanced smoking experience. Should you get a quartz banger or use a dab nail? Here are things you can personalize for YOU!

There are certain accessories to make your dab rig the most ideal setup for advanced smoking use. Instead of getting the same type of high from joints or bubblers, you can create a new experience that you have never had before!

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Water pipe

The main part of your glass dab rig for smoking is the water pipe. This water pipe is the main glass chamber that you will fill with water to help remove any excess heat and smoke from your dab that has been released during the burning process. Advanced users can buy separate water pipes and change the pipe on their dab rig to change the smoking experience.

Choose between nail or banger

The second way you can change your dab rig for your use is to choose between a nail or a banger. You can change where you put your concentrates by choosing a nail or banger. Keep in mind the different characteristics of these parts of your dab nail. The banger is angled, whereas the nail goes straight up.

Carb cap

The third way in which you can customize your dab rig is by choosing your carb cap. The carb cap helps vaporize the flower by trapping the heat inside the chamber and distributing the air.


Customizing your dab rig is a great way for advanced users to personalize their cannabis experience and get the best high possible! Those who are used to smoking cannabis can personalize their rigs by changing their carb cap, choosing between a nail or a banger, and changing their water pipe for a more unique smoking experience.

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