Five Ways to Rev Up The Recruitment Process for Your Business

When hiring authorities are reluctant to move forward with quality candidates, this can be frustrating, to say the least. You want to help; however, hiring authorities cannot be bothered to quickly make a move.

There is the risk of candidates losing interest in roles and deciding to take up jobs with competitors because hiring managers are taking too long with the hiring process. To light the fire under the feet of these hiring authorities and get them to start making moves, you must implement five tips to rev up the recruitment process.

1. Determine Whether Filling the Role is Necessary

First, you must ask hiring authorities whether the role must be filled immediately. If hiring authorities tell you that the role must be filled as soon as possible, this is not an acceptable answer, and you can expect the recruitment process to move at a snail’s pace. To get a more direct answer concerning when the role must be filled, ask the hiring authorities when face-to-face interviews must be scheduled.

Asking about scheduling face-to-face interviews will set expectations straight away. If the hiring authorities beat around the bush and cannot provide you with a direct answer, then there is no actual urgency in filling these roles.

2. Figure Out Who True Decision Makers Are

The second way to rev up the recruitment process is to identify those who are in charge of making the final decisions. If you are not dealing with the true decision-makers, then you are just going to be wasting your time. If you are working with those who have the authority to make decisions, then you can expect action to be taken expeditiously.

You must determine what role the human resources department has in the decision-making process and when and how much you will need to communicate with them, and then you can craft your strategy.

3. Educate the Clients About the Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency

The third way to speed up the recruitment process is to educate your clients about working with a staffing agency. Talk with your clients about how staffing agencies can help procure top talent amidst a talent shortage. Because employers are facing significant talent shortages across all industries, staffing agencies are an excellent way to procure top talent in the quickest amount of time. According to Forbes, supply chain issues are not the only problems that are impacting employers, there are also talent shortages that are making it difficult for employers to fill roles. You must communicate to your clients that staffing firms are the best solution for the talent shortage problem because searching out top talent is their specialty. By utilizing the staffing resources at your disposal, you can fill positions in a matter of days enabling employers to continue to build profitable bottom lines. Other benefits you can market to your clients about staffing firms are:

  • Staffing firms will streamline the hiring process.
  • A Staffing Firm such as INS Global would help you to do so.
  • Staffing firms handle all the heavy lifting such as negotiating salaries, payroll, onboarding, and training.

If you find yourself constantly struggling to find enough employees, consider getting a staffing certification. You may never have to face labor shortages again, which can be crucial for medium to large companies who are looking for continued growth.

4. Get Decision Makers to Make a Commitment

The fourth way to rev up the recruiting process is to secure a commitment from your clients. Securing a commitment will not be difficult especially if you have convinced your clients that a staffing agency is a solution to getting positions filled quickly. Once your clients commit, you can put your focus on helping aid in their success.

5. Continue to Set Clear Expectations

Finally, you must continue to set clear expectations with your clients. Examples of some good expectations you can set are keeping the lines of communication open, continuing to be upfront about what is expected from both parties, and being willing to remain flexible. When you are setting expectations, this is your time to tap into your role as a consultant. Provide real examples of how you have helped other employers attain success, and let your clients know that the direction you are giving will only help to bring success.

Implementing these five tips to rev up the recruitment process is a surefire way to light a fire under your clients’ feet and get them moving. You can help them to achieve success by filling their positions which will, in turn, enable them to be more profitable and thrive. You can also partner with a global employer of record company to assit and guide you through your recruitment process.

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