Five things you should know about the stock market

Investing in the stock market is not easy because the stock market has many factors that can affect and cause stock prices to fluctuate. But investing in the stock market is more accessible when investors start to know, learn and understand what the world of investing is all about. If you can, it’s not difficult to be successful in the long run.

“Which stock should you buy today?” “You are confident that if you buy this stock, there is no way to see the price drop” is a common phrase, or investors may follow the news to stay up to date with what big investors are saying about stock market trends. Some investors may decide to buy stocks without even evaluating or analyzing them in detail. Especially new investors who have just entered the stock market to increase their chances of success and reduce loss. Therefore, you should get to know the stock market first.

1. Inflation has a positive effect on stocks

Notice that investors have been worried about inflation in the past few years. Latest throughout 2022, analysts look in the same direction. Inflation is coming, and it will go quickly. Therefore, investors are concerned that the stock market will fluctuate and affect the real return on investment.

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However, considering the causes of inflation, it comes from 2 main reasons: people want to buy more goods and services (Demand-Pull Inflation) coupled with an insufficient supply of goods and services in the market, causing sellers to adjust the prices of goods and services higher. The second reason is the increased cost of production (Cost-Push Inflation). This will force manufacturers to change the prices of goods and services to be higher.

2. Own a business

If you are a person who dreams of becoming a business owner but does not have enough funds, an exciting solution and making dreams come true is investing in stocks. For example, if you want to be a bank business owner, invest in banking stocks or own a hotel business, invest in hotel stocks, etc. The shareholders are “Owners” and, therefore, have an interest or rights in the assets and revenues of that entity.

3. Beating the stock market in the short term is not the primary goal

If investors want to “beat the market,” it is the leading and only goal of investing in stocks. There is a very high probability that you will encounter setbacks and lose your investment because, in the investing world, no one can beat the stock market all the time. And it is recognized that every investor makes mistakes in investing. For more, please visit

4. The stock market always has many opportunities.

Suppose you hear about a stock that has the potential to rise sharply overnight and do not hesitate to invest for fear of missing the train. In terms of investment psychology, it is the use of greed as the primary decision-making factor. However, many investors invest today and want to get a lot of profits. But not every investor can make a profit anytime soon. Therefore, success in the stock market doesn’t mean “hurry”; everything must be a step-by-step process. More importantly, if you want to invest successfully and sustainably, it takes time. Please visit to know more.

5. Don’t try to catch the rhythm

Investing by Market Timing is an investment strategy that forecasts the market’s direction by using technical analysis and economic analysis together and then applying the results of the research to make decisions. They want to buy shares at the best price and sell them at the best price, which is suitable for investors with relatively high expertise. But for, newbies should start investing in the long term and focus on investing in value stocks or dividend stocks to reduce investment losses.

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