Essential Marketing Tools for Your Ecommerce Business

Marketing for an e-commerce business takes time to show results. It takes a lot of investment and patience to successfully market the business and gain customers. Most businesses, especially startups do not have a huge budget for marketing. So, they do not consider hiring marketing professionals. However, with the advancement of technology marketing can be made easier by learning to work with a few tools available on the internet. E commerce marketing tools can get your job done quickly and easily. However, you would have to see which marketing tools give your business the most benefit. Here are some of the marketing tools many businesses like to use.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most popular marketing tools that businesses use for analyzing customer requirements and areas of interest. It will analyze how your product is performing in the market, how fruitful your marketing campaigns are, and how does your customer react to the launch of a new product. These insights help in making your product better and lets you know the things you should overcome to run a successful new marketing campaign. It will give you a better idea if the investment you are putting into marketing a new product is fruitful or not. Since it also shows how many people visited your website, you can know if the generated traffic also has potential customers.

Google Docs

Google docs is becoming extremely common among entrepreneurs. This is because it has allowed us to collaborate and edit on the go. We can also keep a track of it. You can use the platform to write, share, or edit content. This increases the ease of publication and in turn generates revenue for the business. Google docs has options to change formatting, keep track changes and also add pictures to your content. These are accessible from anywhere and are stored in a cloud. Isn’t it amazing to write and edit documents from wherever you like? Just use your email ID to login and you are good to go. All you need is an internet connection with the Best Internet Packages which are affordable and reliable.


Marketing content with grammatical errors is a huge reason for the product being unappealing to the audience. The marketing content should be in simple word, understandable language and good vocabulary. Grammarly solves your problems when it comes to proof reading and paraphrasing your written content. It also gives you the option to set contexts for your writing too. This will ensure that the content is unique but relevant. It will make your writing more business formal, academic, or causal depending on your preferences. To be able to use it with google docs you can add it as an extension to chrome. For unlimited checks you can opt for a premium subscription.


Hiring a graphic designer for marketing can be quite expensive. Canva is quite popularly known among businessmen for making unique presentations, eye catching advertisements, and even impressive invitations.  Canva has a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to creativity. It will help you choose templates for social media posts. You can add pictures or text and be as creative as you like to make marketing campaigns more appealing to your audience. Canva is a free tool however, you may be required to have a paid subscription for using its exclusive premium options. It can prove to be helpful with businesses who have their own blogs and social media pages.


The most hectic part of a business is to organize and manage the list of the tasks that need to be done to market your business. Trello offers you virtual boards and lists to help you organize and plan. It makes the task a little less stressful. You can add due dates, comments, and any attachments that you may want to with your tasks easily. Trello is free and you just need to sign up for it. It can be downloaded from the app store or google play store for use. It also gives you unique tips and tricks for your business while one of the major advantages is that you can learn more about your website through the Trello blog.


Having a team for your business is difficult. However, getting the team to work together is even more difficult and can become a challenge for business owners. This tool lets you have discussions about different ongoing projects, any announcements and any notification for the team. The communication channels are involved and users can communicate, organize a project and a meeting. You can learn more about other users with chatrooms and conversations. Slack has shown promising results for many e commerce businesses. It is free to use and organizations can easily create a working space of their own. This allows exchange of creative ideas for marketing and each individual can easily pitch in their opinion. This allows businesses to respect every employee’s opinion and implement some of the best marketing ideas.

Final Thoughts

Running a business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of emotional and financial investment to set up and run a business. Companies often struggle with marketing their product. In a new start up it is very difficult to set apart a budget for marketing as the company is still struggling to make enough revenue. In these cases it is better to learn a few skills and use the online free tools available on the internet to market your product instead of hiring professionals.

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