Domestic Violence At The Workplace: Why This Is Your Businesses’ Concern


As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of heeding the call from the employees and trying to understand what is weighing them down. Every individual likes to keep their personal life separated from their work life, but there are times or circumstances that force people to merge the two.

This article will talk about how domestic violence can ruin your work life and why businesses should pay attention to such issues.

Abuse within the relationship is not rare. If you are caught in a relationship where one tries to use the other, that’s where the relationship changes to domestic abuse. The current stats state that two-thirds of the partners (male & female) are victims of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse by their intimate partners.

Here is where the workplace gets involved with this domestic violence – studies show that more than 74% of the victims are employers and keep getting calls from the abuser during working hours. This certainly worsened the work-life of the victim.

Why Should Businesses Address Domestic Violence?

When domestic violence follows a victim to their workplace, it becomes a workplace issue. There is no point in offering your negligence when your employee is being exposed to such criminal acts. Hence, you must consider hiring a criminal lawyer to help your employees.

The company’s shows understand that domestic violence that has reached the workplace has gone above the red mark and needs to be dealt with Domestic Violence Charges.

You must have heard your employee saying the followings:

  • It is none of my business.
  • It is a personal matter.
  • It’s urgent; I need to attend to some family matters.

This kind of remark shows that they are experiencing some sort of domestic violence. If the businesses cannot stand with their employees when they need them the most, they are further isolated, making the situation worse.

1. Reduced Productivity

For the business, it is all about the productivity of the employees. If the employees are happy and emotionally fit, they can become valuable assets for the company. But if an employee lacks mental fitness, their productivity reduces, affecting the company. Hence, it is important that you understand the mental state of the employees and motivate them for their hard work.

2. Feeling Demoralised

Domestic violence can tear you apart both physically and mentally. Stats show that people who have been exposed to domestic violence have lost their confidence and feel demoralized. This can certainly reduce the working capability of your employees. You must come up with different plans and strategies to take care of employees suffering from domestic violence.

3. Cost Of The Company Increases

Domestic violence can affect your business in many ways. First, you might find the respective employee is taking sick leave on a frequent basis. Or in the worst-case scenario, they can leave your organization. Now you need to go through the hiring process, training cost, and the lack of productivity. This will eventually increase your company’s expenditure.

4. Strained Co-Worker Relation

Even if the employee remains in the organization and somehow manages to stay productive, their attitude and communication with the other changes, you might find a strained relationship among the team members. This can certainly affect the productivity of the project that respective employees are working on.

What Can The Workplace Do?

A supportive and accommodating work environment allows the victim to attain emotional and financial stability to help themselves get through the unique situation.

As an employer, it is the responsibility of the company to identify warning signs and talk with the employees. In addition to that, a workplace can help or support the individual by creating safety plans to address the situation.

It is very important that you notice these kinds of things and take action immediately before the situation becomes dire.

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