Benefits of Cash Discount Merchant Services for Auto Repair Shops

Do you own an auto repair shop or business? Then, you might be struggling with paying higher credit card processing fees on a monthly basis. You would not like to do this thing every time again. However, this does not have to be the case at all times. You can exercise control over your auto repair business with high-end merchant services from reliable merchant service providers.

How Cash Discount Programs for Auto Repair Businesses Work?

With the help of cash discount programs, the customers who will be paying with a credit card will have to pay some extra fee. The given convenience fee is referred to as the surcharge. The given fee will go towards covering the overall expenses of the fees associated with credit card processing. The cash-paying customers of your business will not be required to pay the given fee as their transaction will not require you to pay any additional expense. It is regarded as illegal to apply the give surcharge to the customers who will be making payments through debit cards.

Guidelines for Cash Discount Programs

It is always recommended that you should check into the laws of the respective states. At the same time, it is also recommended that you should also check into the laws of the credit card processing company to make sure that your auto repair merchant is complying with all that you need to. However, there are specific types of supplies and equipment that you need to access before the implementation of the cash discount programs.

Due to this, you will require partnering with a reliable cash discount merchant service. When you make use of the dedicated equipment and services, you are not required to pay for the credit card processing fees.

When you choose cash discount merchant services from a reliable merchant service provider, here are some benefits you can expect:

  • Signage: It is important to note that before you consider implementing the cash discount program for your auto repair business, the customers will be understanding why the surcharge will get added to the respective bills. You will require visible & clear signage for your auto repair business. A reliable service provider will offer access to signs that are easy to understand and interpret. Your customers will respect your overall transparency. As such, your auto repair business can look forward to avoiding all types of legal troubles.
  • Proprietary Software: The customers should be aware of the surcharge beforehand –prior to making a purchase at your auto repair establishment or business. At the same time, they should also be capable of observing the surcharge after. The law tends to be highly specific about the receipts of your business should be listing the surcharge. You should include three separate lines in the given receipt.

One line of the receipt should include the subtotal of the customers before the surcharge. The second line of the receipt should list the surcharge amount specifically. It could be a smaller percentage of the subtotal of the customers. The final & third line of the receipt will include the total of the customers along with the surcharge.

With the proprietary software solution by a reliable service provider, there is no need to worry about making sure that you have the given lines to appear on the business receipts. They will get automatically added to the receipt of every transaction. If the customers who make use of credit cards are wondering why they have been charged more than the quoted prices, the answer tends to be simple –the quoted price is the cash price.

A reliable cash discount merchant service provider will make the process of using a cash discount program for auto repair businesses quite seamless. The provider will be handling all the details while also handling the operation of a successful auto repair business. You can start observing instant profits in your business.

Cash Discount Programs for Expensive Auto Repairs

Another important point to consider is what you should do when you have to implement a highly expensive auto repair process. There can be a case in which the repairs ordered by someone could be worth too much for the individual to pay in the form of cash. The repairs might even turn out several thousands of dollars. It might become difficult for the individual to ensure the payments for such expensive repairs in the form of cash. The customers might prefer making use of the credit cards in this case –particularly if the specific customer will be receiving proper rewards from the given card.

When you offer the cash-centric option, you will be encouraging the individuals to use another feature –like that of the check. A customer can still continue paying for things with the help of a check while leveraging the benefits of the cash discount program offered by your auto repair business. As the check will not be costing additionally for processing like that of the credit card processing, the customers can still look forward to obtaining the special deal.

You will still require some time to get the desired funds from the given check. It should be made clear to the concerning bank before you wish to obtain the desired amount of money. However, still you will be getting everything out of the top-value transaction without having the need to worry about additional processing charges.


Whether your customers are paying in person or online, or even on the phone, most reliable merchant service providers offer access to an end-to-end POS or Point of Sale system –including a virtual terminal for auto repair businesses. This will allow business owners to receive payments in whatever form that turns out to be the most convenient for the customers. In addition to debit and credit cards, you can also consider receiving payments through digital wallets like Google Pay & Apple Pay.

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