Are You A Natural-Born Leader?

This question is one of the popularly asked questions. From my POV, there is no natural-born leader. Although a person might be born into a leadership role, that doesn’t equate him/her as a leader.

From observations, some people possess some leadership skills, which might make them seem like natural-born leaders. In the real sense, leaders like Jordan Fletcher Niagara are made. Of course, many leaders do utilize natural, inherent traits. These leadership traits might have been developed via environments they were raised in or their immediate family. It might even be a character trait. Some people can naturally influence the people around, while some others can inspire and affect change even with not so much effort. Due to these reasons, some people might give them an attribute of a leader.

However, influencing is not what leadership entails. So, it doesn’t work that way. No matter the natural and inherent leadership trait a person has, if it is not developed via training, mentorship, or hands-on leadership experience, it will wither away.

What features should a leader have?

  • Ability to Influence

The most effective leaders can persuade others. Many renowned leaders like Jordan Fletcher St. Catharines and Elon Musk etc. have all shown one trait, influence. Some leaders can do these effortlessly, but if a leader is not finding it naturally happening, then there’s work to be done. Influence is all about being persuasive in communication. These can be learned and perfected.

  • Confidence

Most successful leaders share the trait of confidence. Confidence is a necessity if anyone wants to be a leader. Your followers will be dependent and influenced by your traits. If it lacks confidence, achieving visions and goals gets harder. Confident leaders have faith in themselves and their visions, which inspires their followers to do the same.

Confidence does a lot to improve and encourages effective communication and relationship-building skills, and so on. Some might find it hard that confidence can be earned. It can be earned and harnessed.

  • Vision

A leader is a visionary. This can be seen in the life of Bill Gates, the owner of Microsoft. A leader must have a vision that is connected to a goal. The vision should be something his followers can reckon with and should be duly communicated. Vision shows a defined path and direction. It helps the team channel their energy in the right direction. Many leaders can take up training that can help them become better visionary.

  • Resiliency

There can be situations where some things are happening simultaneously, and people are still looking up to you for advice and inspiration. As a leader, you must be able to maintain your composure and effectively lead in high-stress, high-pressure situations. When everyone is on the edge of giving up, you should be able to take the last stand. Most times, a leader that’s able to stand still under duress inspires the followers to do the same.

In the End

All of these talents can be learned via mentorship, training, experience, etc. This attests to the fact that a leader is not natural-born but made.

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