7 Ways to Optimize WooCommerce Conversion Rates

WooCommerce, a popular WordPress ecommerce plugin, allows you to set up a sophisticated online store easily. However, you will lose a lot of potential sales if you don’t implement some marketing tricks for your WooCommerce store. 

Every store wants to increase the number of sales coming in. Visitors do not always act on an impulse purchase, or they just go looking for something else. 

Even if your customers are ready to purchase, they may need more than your website offers, so it is imperative to encourage them with additional information and tools.

This article describes the most effective ways of improving conversion rates for your WooCommerce store.

Track customer behavior

Tracking your customers’ behavior can help you optimize your WooCommerce sales funnel and target them at different stages of the buying process.

One of the most popular methods used to track customer behavior is visitor’s sessions recording. With it, you can see how exactly your visitors navigate through your website.

You can monitor every activity like a tap, click, or scroll depth tracking and downloads and come to know how your prospects feel about you.

Tools like MonsterInsights are great for tracking how your site visitors are engaging with your WooCommerce store, which traffic source produces the most revenue for your store and shopping cart abandonment rates.

Optimize product pages

Using breadcrumbs, mainly based on product hierarchy and visitor history, will help customers find products quickly. It is crucial to keep navigation user-friendly and intuitive. If they can’t easily find what they are looking for, they will leave your site.

Also, add SEO-friendly titles. Make them attractive, relevant, and keyword-rich to attract organic traffic.

You should also implement e-commerce SEO best practices relating to meta descriptions, internal linking, and navigation. Doing so will provide a better user experience to your visitors and improve your search rankings.

And use high-quality product images, follow the current design trends while creating product pages, and use AR and VR for virtual trial rooms.

WordPress plugins such as the EWWW Image Optimizer will help you compress your images without sacrificing quality. 

 Right pricing

Even when you have the best product pages, if you don’t have the correct pricing, you won’t be able to survive in the competitive landscape.

Keep comparable prices and sell only high-quality products. Here are some great tricks to make your prices tempting:

  • Showcase a basic and premium products comparison in your pricing table. Customers will feel happy to get premium features at introductory prices.
  • Use clear, compelling, and prominent CTAs.
  • Don’t use complex pricing options. Keep the pricing slabs to a minimum of 4 or 5. Also, line up the features offered in each slab for visitors to compare their choices and make quick decisions.
  • Add “9” at the end of prices.
  • Offer free trials and also free shipping for loyal customers. Consider offering concessions for shipping for a one-time fee.
  • Use secure payment logos. It will help build trust. 
  • List product benefits by making a comparison with competitor products and emphasize the best features.

Mobile optimization 

Considering that mobile generated 54.8% of worldwide website traffic, you can’t ignore the importance of mobile optimization of your WooCommerce site.

Here are some ways to make your WooCommerce site mobile-optimized:

  • Add a lazy loading feature to your store using a plugin such as a3 Lazy Load. 
  • Make your navigation mobile-friendly by adding features like a hamburger menu icon.
  • Use accelerated mobile pages. 
  • Make the checkout process intuitive.
  • Optimize images and videos.
  • Don’t use invasive pop-ups and ads.
  • Trim down on heavy content. 

Consider getting in touch with a WordPress development company to optimize your WooCommerce store. 


Use FOMO to create a sense of urgency. You can add some limited-time offers to increase the conversion rate. People usually take action fast when they face demanding circumstances.

When customers are in a dilemma whether to purchase a product or not, offering them a limited-time offer or adding a countdown timer will drive them to buy the product as they may end up missing. 

Offering limited-time free gifts, discounts to some specific buyers who can buy until a specified time, adding time-sensitive coupons are all great ideas.

Plus, if your products are limited, consider letting your consumers know the number of items that are left in stock.

Whatever you do, don’t deceive your customer. Once they lose trust in you, you won’t be able to build long-term relationships.

Here’s an example from cabin max showing their stock levels:

Also, note that the company is using a proper color scheme to bring attention to the “Only two left in stock – order soon” phrase. 

Increase security

Incidents where websites get hacked, personal information gets stolen, and the like keep occurring every other day. Thus, customers are reluctant to give financial and personal details to a website they can’t trust. 

To alleviate these fears, make sure to incorporate secure payment gateways. Use SSL, Firewalls, two-factor authentication, and other tools and measures to beef up the security of your site and build trust.

Product reviews

If you are selling a product online, your product reviews are your salesperson. We all want to listen to salespeople that are honest. When someone is honest about the good and the bad of the product they are selling, we have the right motivation to buy it. For this reason, product reviews have one of the highest conversion rates on e-commerce websites.

That’s why product reviews are indispensable, as most customers read the reviews prior to making a product purchase. They want to ensure that they are purchasing the right product and not spending money in vain.

Add genuine reviews from buyers to offers visitors adequate information about your product and its functionality. 

Customers are more likely to buy from you if you add reviews. But remember, customers are smart. They will know when a review is fake, so make sure to keep it real. 

WooCommerce offers several plugins for product reviews. You can use them to improve the conversion rate.


There are many ways to boost conversion rates on your website. But the question always is: Which methods actually work, and which are just myths? It’s an important question to answer, especially for eCommerce websites that depend on users converting to increase their revenue.

This article covered the many ways you can optimize your WooCommerce website to improve conversion rates.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the web. Its ease of use and overall feature set makes it easy to see why many online stores choose to use WooCommerce. 

Still, even with WooCommerce’s wide adoption, not everyone who opens your store will actually make a purchase, which is where conversions come in. So, make sure to amp up your conversion rates using the above-mentioned techniques. 


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