6 Reasons Why 360 Virtual Tours Are Effective For Your Business During a Pandemic

With the impact the pandemic has caused on many businesses, getting by through these times can be really tough. As businesses continue to struggle to withstand the brunt of the pandemic, many are forced to evolve with the times and use the advancements of technology to their advantage. Industries such as real estate, hospitality and tourism have been some of the hardest-hit sectors as face-to-face interactions have been minimised and travelling banned. Fortunately, with the availability of 360 virtual tours, these businesses can garner sales and profits to stay afloat. These tours can showcase a space from all angles as authentically as possible and with its interactive interface, drawing in sales isn’t as difficult as it seems. Find out how having a virtual tour in Singapore is an effective step for your business.

  • Engaging Without Face-to-Face Interaction

As personal interactions have to be limited, the tourism and hospitality industries have to discover fresh ways to keep their establishments profitable. By having a 360 virtual tour in Singapore, clients from all over the world can engage with your spaces at their fingertips. These virtual tours are embedded with user engaging features such as a navigation menu that can zoom into rooms of your choice, a “Dollhouse” view to explore the surrounding space from a bird’s eye view, and audio walkthroughs to experience a guided tour as convincingly as possible. With these features that can make the user experience more seamless yet captivating, virtual tours have become a clever and effective marketing strategy to get sales online!

  • Maintains Transparency and Reliability Despite the Distance

It is a lot harder to gain the trust of clients when there is a lack of social interaction and the best way to prove reliability is to show it as it is. 360 virtual tours illustrate your location just as it is with their advanced technology of capturing accurate measurements and dimensions of your space. Whether it is an event space or a real-estate building, having a virtual tour in Singapore allows prospective clients to view your space and its detailed specifications through the internet, which can create a sense of personal connection. By allowing easy accessibility to your properties online, clients are more likely to trust your business without having to view it in person. 

  • Saves Cost, Especially in These Difficult Times

With the pandemic impacting industries financially, finding a cost-effective strategy for getting in sales is critical in these uncertain times. Setting up a 360 virtual tour on your business website can reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost. The internet can be accessed by anyone and with a virtual tour permanently embedded on your site, you can be making sales even in your sleep! Planning in-person client meetings are not needed anymore as you can share a guided tour of your space through a shared screen video call. Investing in creating a virtual tour in Singapore can reduce your total expenditure and time spent on client engagement but also expands your client pool and profits in the long run.

  • Versatility and Customisation During Unpredictable Times 

When times are constantly changing and restrictions fluctuating, it is important for businesses to remain flexible and versatile. Having a 360 virtual tour in Singapore accommodates your client’s concerns of meeting up in person and not only that, the technology is easily customisable to face any unprecedented situations. Virtual tours have the ability to construct a model of an upcoming property and can even edit existing spaces if the client requests changes. Providing a customisable service can make your customer feel valued and heard, making you stand out as a hospitable brand. As changes are constantly being made during these times, 360 virtual tours have the ability to adapt to these irregular circumstances while maintaining relevance. 

  • Higher Return on Investment

Pandemic or not, every business hopes to gain a higher return on investment where profits far outweigh the cost and with 360 virtual tours, this interactive technology has proven to gain a higher return on investment for companies. Having this unique content for your business has demonstrated a significant increase of less than four weeks to achieve a successful ROI ratio compared to other content creations that take months. Due to its unique and compelling interactive programme, having a virtual tour in Singapore can skyrocket your sales and profits. Having a virtual tour embedded on your site has also proven to minimise the bounce rate of customers clicking off your website. Creating engaging content such as a 360 virtual tour, encourages clients to spend more time browsing through your page, thus increasing your search engine ranking, consequently bringing in more views and clicks. Engaging content is vital for bigger sales and with virtual tours offering a one-of-a-kind technology that interacts with users in a fresh way, profits are bound to increase. 

  • Stands Out From the Competition

As a business that provides 360 virtual tours in Singapore, you immediately stand out from your competitors who do not choose to integrate 360 virtual tours into their marketing strategy. Especially in these trying times, a business that offers alternative options to its customers makes you unique compared to companies that choose to remain status quo. With virtual tours growing in popularity, more clients expect them from industries like real estate and construction with statistics showing that 67% of customers want a virtual tour when searching up potential listings. By offering new options to your client base, your business comes across as professional and respectable with more customers taking interest in your brand. Moreover, Google listings are known to favour sites with higher engagement and these successful pages see twice as many views compared to their competitors. 

Ultimately, the pandemic has challenged and pushed businesses to innovate and evolve and while many companies still struggle with this, the development of technology and the use of visual aids like a 360 virtual tour is making the transition easier. Marketing strategies have to be revised to attract and appeal to our socially distanced world and by having a virtual tour in Singapore, your business immediately sets itself apart from the norm.

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