6 Qualifications To be a Farm worker in Australia

Agriculture is a year-round industry in regional Australia. Consequently, Agri labour Australia is constantly in demand. Candidates can land jobs in sectors like horticulture, livestock, and broadacre farming. Although farm work is not one of those jobs with a long list of specific qualifications, candidates need to have many skills. If you are on a job hunt looking to be a farmworker in Australia, here are six qualifications your potential employer would be looking for.

1. Strength and Stamina

Although machinery in agriculture has gone a long way in assisting with physical labour, far work is still physically demanding. Once you land that job as a farmworker, you will spend considerable time handling physically demanding tasks, such as picking harvest, lifting heavy loads like bales of hay, or repairing machinery. Besides, you will need to be on your feet for most of these tasks. Therefore, this job calls for high levels of physical fitness.

2. Manual Dexterity

Like we’ve mentioned, today’s agriculture industry in Australia heavily involves the use of machinery. Therefore, as a farm worker in Australia, you must demonstrate the ability to use machinery safely for extended periods or at least have the capacity to learn. You also need to have excellent eye-hand coordination. Some of the machines you will encounter as a farm worker include combine harvesters and tractors, which means that even the slightest mistake when handling them could have dire consequences.

3. Excellent Listening Skills

Farm work is like a system, with so many stakeholders at play. Therefore, as a farmworker, you must have the ability to listen to others. For instance, you will need to take instructions from a farm manager. Failure to follow these instructions could result in loss of farm income.

4. Knowledge about the Industry

Besides having mechanical skills, you also need to demonstrate knowledge of the agriculture industry – at least the basic concepts. This might include knowledge such as the best way to feed livestock, potential threats to the soil, weather patterns, and so on. It’s also essential to be conversant with new technologies in the industry.

If you want to expand your knowledge about agriculture in Australia, you might consider attending local workshops and making good use of other resources on the internet.

5. Experience in the Industry

Depending on the job you are applying for, the employer might require you to have previous work experience. For instance, if you are looking for an animal breeding job, you might need experience interacting with livestock. Similarly, if you are applying for an agricultural equipment operator job, you might need previous work experience with operating heavy machinery.

6. Flexibility and Problem-Solving

Although farm work revolves around structure and routine, no two days are exactly alike. Therefore, as a farmworker, you must be able to embrace whatever the day throws at you on the farm. Besides, it’s essential to have excellent problem-solving skills since challenges arise all the time.

These are some of the qualifications that employers will be looking for. However, you will need other soft skills, such as teamwork and working under minimum supervision, to last in the industry.


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