5 Important Things You Should Do for Your Spouse That Matter a Lot

As far as relationships go, you may think that you and your spouse are the definition of couple goals. You both enjoy being around one another and feel your relationship is healthy and going strong.

While that’s great, if we’re being honest, being married comes with serious responsibilities. For one, how’s your retirement plan coming along?

Not to burst your marriage bubble, but all relationships go through ups and downs. And even if you have a wonderful relationship, there are always ways you can make it better.

If you’re looking for ways to go the extra mile for your spouse, here are five essential things to focus on.

1. Get Disability Insurance

It can be downright stressful if you get injured and cannot work at your job. For example, you may be a doctor and break your hand. Now, you’re unable to work at your practice.

Being forced to take time off can put a dent in your wallet and possibly cost you your job. There’s a way you can plan for a scenario like this, though. Consider getting disability insurance!

Getting disability insurance will ensure your spouse won’t have to support you both during your recovery. Thankfully, disability insurance will cover part of your income until you’re well enough to work again.

Long-term Disability Insurance

Long-term disability insurance is the best option to go with, as it supports up to 60% of your income. It also lasts up to three years, and in some cases may go as long as five years!

Knowing you’re covered puts you and your significant other in a good place. And if you have money saved up as well, there will be less pressure on both parties.

If you get disability insurance through your employer, keep in mind that you may be fully covered.

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance

Getting own-occupation disability insurance as well is a wise decision. Many people get it because it’s not dependent on an employer. It also provides broader coverage, which you may need in the future.

Look into different own-occupational disability policies if you feel you need additional coverage. It’s likely that you do, especially if you get injured to the point where you’ll need to pursue a different career.

2. Plan for Retirement

How are your plans coming along for retirement? Don’t fret if you don’t yet have a plan in place. It’s never too late to plan for your retirement.

The earlier you get going on this, though, the better. Planning for your retirement is much-needed for both you and your spouse.

You may both have an idea of where you want to live when you retire. There’s a lot that goes into planning for your retirement. The central aspect is that you need to save up enough money.

So, put together some goals and work hard to achieve them. That way, you’ll be all set by the time you retire.

3. Create a Will

If you haven’t created a will yet, this is another action that will ensure your spouse gets taken care of.

Wouldn’t you want your will to be set up if something were to happen to you? You both likely have ideas in mind on who inherits money and how to take care of funeral arrangements. It may not be something you want to think about, especially if you’re younger.

But it never hurts to get everything ironed out ahead of time before you get older. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to make changes, don’t be. Even after the will gets drawn up and signed, you can always revisit it in the future.

But at least, for now, you’ll have a will in place that will make life easier for your spouse if you should pass away.

4. Make Good Financial Decisions

It doesn’t matter if you share a joint bank account or not. Your financial decisions affect your spouse.

You may both have an agreement that you can spend your own money. Still, though, you should keep your future and significant other in mind.

Try your best to have the same money goals. For example, one person may be more focused on saving money for a house. Whereas the other spends their money frivolously. If one spends more money than the other, it can cause discord in the future.

You both should have goals regarding what you want to spend your money on. That way, you’ll always be planning for your future.

A few things worth spending money on may be a house, a more practical car, or a family vacation.

5. Work as a Team

You’ll get tempted to do things your way throughout your marriage. But not consulting your partner can cause issues over time. For you both to be on the same wavelength, though, you need to work as a team.

Working as a team will not only make your lives easier, but it’ll be better for your kids. Children need a stable household and parents they can look up to.

Working on having strong communication and staying on the same page is vital. Of course, you’re bound to disagree sometimes, as any couple does. But as long as you come up with a solution together, you should be fine.


Focusing on planning for your future will pave the way for a successful marriage. Unfortunately, many times marriages crumble due to finances and other issues. But yours doesn’t have to and won’t if you focus on making good decisions.

Keep your marriage going strong by staying one step ahead of what could be roadblocks in the future. Your spouse will undoubtedly appreciate you taking charge and focusing on things that matter.

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