5 Good Reasons to do the IOSH Managing Safely Online

The IOSH managing safely online in Glasgow, or anywhere else, is fast becoming a must-have qualification for health and safety reps, managers and supervisors. One of the main reasons for this is that as a qualification it is not only universally recognised but also transferable across a wide range of industrial and commercial sectors. More than ever health and safety in the workplace is a priority for employers as accidents and other safety issues will undoubtedly have a detrimental effect on the running of any business.

For this reason applicants that have a recognised health and safety qualification are becoming increasingly attractive to employers. A health and safety qualification is also useful if you are looking for career progression. This is one of the reasons why the IOSH managing safely course is seen as one that has many benefits for not only the individual concerned but the business as a whole. So, if you are an employer looking to improve health and safety in your business or an individual looking for a suitable qualification here are some benefits of the ISOH Managing Safely qualification.

A Safer Workplace

Without doubt one of the main benefits of gaining this qualification is that it will help ensure that there is a real understanding of the importance of heath and safety in the workplace. When you educate your managers it usually translates into improve health and safety policies being implemented. When managers and health and safety personnel take a proactive approach and minimise hazards, accidents are prevented making the workplace a safer and more productive environment for everyone concerned.

Career Progression

Getting a qualification such as IOSH managing safely on your CV is a great way to prove to employers that you fully understand the importance of health and safety in the workplace. Whether you are looking to move up the ladder in your current organisation or are interested in career opportunities elsewhere this widely recognised qualification will help.

Improve Productivity

As a manager or supervisor there is nothing more disruptive than staff absences through injuries sustained as a result of workplace accidents. When this happens it will be disruptive and can have a detrimental effect on not only productivity but also staff morale. By putting effective health and safety procedures in place you will make the workplace a safer and much more productive environment. It goes without saying that a workforce that feels safe and happy at work is much more likely to work effectively and produce better results. This is one of the main reasons that employers now place a high level of importance on health and safety qualifications.

IOSH Managing Safely is an Internationally Recognised Qualification

Asa an internationally recognised body the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of health and safety across the globe. As such any qualification is transferable not only across different industries but also a wide range of countries. ISOH has a membership of around 47,000 based in around 130 countries. So, if you are a health and safety professional having an internationally recognised qualification could open up numerous opportunities for you and your employer.

Can Help Your Organisation Save Money

A reduction in workplace accidents will benefit your organisation financially. Accidents can be a drain on company finances in terms of sick pay, repairing damage, loss of productivity or the cost of employing replacement staff for the period of sickness. When a workplace accident occurs there is also the possibility of a compensation claim which could also impact on such things as insurance premiums. With an ISOH managing safely qualification you can help ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum which in turn will definitely help save money anxnr.

If you are considering undertaking a health and safety qualification hopefully the information contained in this article will have given you an idea of the benefits to both you and the organisation you are employed by.

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