5 Education Business Ideas With Low Investment

Suppose you’re working in the education department. In that case, the idea of having a business of educational services or products must have crossed your mind at least once in life. But, unfortunately, we usually think in such a manner; our minds get clouded with many thoughts concerning the what-ifs. What if things don’t go as we planned? What if we end up with more losses than making profits?

The best way to face this chaos of thoughts is to take a small start. You can invest in a small business with minimal investment. It can help make the idea of having a second income stream come true.

There are online platforms such as acuity training which offer courses that can bring you up to speed in using essential tools. Knowing your way around productivity tools can be the difference between a good business and a great business. This should be a no brainer for startup business owners.

However, before making any decision, a person should always be prepared. You must have the kind of skills and knowledge that running a business requires. It is best if the potential business owner has a degree in business studies. Because then the person will be academically qualified for going ahead with such a project. They must have authentic information and strategic planning qualities. They also must be well aware of the finances that will be involved in the business.

If the person has no relevant academic background, it does not close all doors to start a business. There are plenty of programs available in which they can get enrolled. People can also take advantage of online degree programs as they can be more convenient to educate themselves. At the same time, being in the comfort of their homes, there are online MBA programs that are AACSB accredited, and they don’t require the GMAT. This aacsb accredited online mba programs no gmat can be very useful for individuals wishing to pursue business studies to become professionals in the industry.

Let’s explore some of the educational business ideas that anyone with low investment can start.

  • Selling stationery

Are you among those people who find themselves swooning over glitter pens and paintbrushes whenever you walk into a stationery shop? That smell of new notebooks that you can get in your favorite color, or maybe those tiny erasers that are too cute to erase anything? You also find yourself one of those people who buy neon-colored highlighters because they are available in all those pretty colors. Then you can use your excitement about stationery to market them for stationery lovers like you because it usually comes under a low investment. In addition, you can play around with photography and can run a fun-themed Instagram page!

  • Teach software skills

The future will be digital, and technology brings more fascinating things that people can utilize for their needs. It makes it fun for people who want to get familiar with computer skills. They can learn and make contributions to the industry. Those who already have experience related to software and technology can carry out workshops and conduct classes for those who wish to learn specific skills. People can also record or take courses related to the subject and sell them online on educational platforms. This kind of business idea can work well if performed online so that the people residing in developing or underdeveloped countries can make the most of them.

  • Offer printing services

Everyone involved in the educational industry knows the importance of a printer. Running a printing business will require you to gain some information about printing and papers. Once you have understood everything, you can invest in advanced printers and inks. You can also take custom orders from those who want to give a personal touch to their notebooks or other material. Where; this business may require slightly higher investments than the previous two. If someone feels more confident and has the kind of money to invest, they must go for it.

  • Become a counselor

All the students, at least once in their academic career, find themselves questioning their career paths. It can become the most frustrating thing for them because many confusing questions arise when they don’t answer. How do I become what I want to become? Will it help me make money? What do I even want to do in life? Such questions can make students stress out easily. It explains the need for educational counselors. You can even offer your services online or schedule in-person sessions. The right career advice for a struggling student from a professional can change that student’s life forever.

  • Training professionals

As much as a child needs education, a teacher also requires proper training to teach children. It makes all the difference in a child’s life if a well-trained teacher teaches and behaves like a professional mentor in front of them. You can build an institute where you can provide training material and sessions. This business idea may require you to pitch in an extra amount, but it will be worth it. You will be helping people to become a better version of their professional selves.


Starting a business is a fascinating thought, but implementing that idea takes a lot. It is not something you can do out of curiosity or boredom. It requires a lot of thought processes and monetary investment, of course. Suppose you are low on investment but passionate about having a business of your own. Then following one of the ideas above can become your potential second income stream. Good luck!

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