5 Best Forex Trading Books Every Trader Must Read

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best Forex trading books, which will help you master the art of forex trading. The selection of the best forex trading books can vary from trader to trader, but all of them contain some fantastic and insightful insight.

Why should you read them? Well, the most obvious reason to read them is to increase your knowledge, but the biggest reason to read them is that they will undoubtedly make you a better trader. You will gain greater perspective and see the big picture.

The Five Best Forex Trading Books

What makes these books so unique is that they provide a unique way to experience the trading world. These books give path towards how to start forex trading? Each and every one of the five books listed below will give you an incredible look inside trading from different angles.

1. Trade Like a Pro: Don’t Just Trade. Trade Smart. – Scott Galloway

We must admit that this is our favorite book on forex trading. You should read it if you have the time, but we will give you a little preview. You should buy it, read it and get back to us to share your experience forex liquidity providers.

Scott Galloway is one of the leading experts globally when it comes to global consumer brands. To quote him directly: “We don’t just trade. We trade smart”. The key takeaway from this book is that you have to think like a trader if you want to succeed in Forex trading liquidity providers.

2. Forex Handbook: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Trading Currency. – David Koster

If you are new to trading and this book can help you, buy it. This is a brand-new book. It was recently released.

It’s a little bit short, but it’s a great introduction. If you are interested in trading Forex, this book is a great starting point.

3. The Matrix Trader: Forex Strategies for the Street – Tony Dwyer

This is one of our favorite books for any trader. We have probably read this book five or six times already, and we don’t think we’ll ever be able to finish it.

Tony Dwyer is a finance professional, a professional trader liquidity providers a co-founder of New York-based Bullion Vault.

4. Precious Metals Forex Trader: Quick Forex Trading Strategies and Actionable Advice – KristjanKjar

This book has been on our bookshelf for years, but we didn’t start using Forex until recently.

This book will help you understand the Forex trading game and help you develop the right mindset. 

5. Portfolio Forex Trader: Effective Strategies for Making Money in the Stock Market – John P.H. Cavanaugh

This book mainly focuses on trading stocks, but we find it very useful for any trader.

It’s very detailed and explains in detail how the stock market works. It’s also a very long book, but we think it’s worth the time.

We would recommend this book to anyone interested in trading stocks and learning to trade Forex and Bitcoin.


We know we’ve mentioned a lot of our favorite and one of the best books in this article, but there are many more books that need to be recommended. If you are serious about trading, check these books out. These are some of the best trading books that are out there.

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