What Auto Insurance Should I Get in Ontario?

Choosing an insurance company tends to be an overwhelming process. You might be provided with too much or too little information. Furthermore, the entire procedure can be pretty confusing to inexperienced customers. For these reasons, you need to be informed before making your final decision.

Auto insurance can significantly differ from city to city. Therefore, we are going to focus on providing you with sufficient information about car insurance in Ontario. There are numerous options and coverages. Sometimes, you might even get a discount if you are eligible. We will also give you an insight into insurance rates that you need to be aware of.

How Can I Make The Process Easier?

Instead of wandering around the internet, visiting insurance companies, and trying to find the most optimal option, you can get an insurance specialist, such as Surex, to give you advice when necessary.

These insurance marketplaces will generally match you with an assistant who will help you find the best insurance quotes possible. To make sure that you are never out of options, they partner with numerous insurance companies. And to top it off, everything can be done online, so you will not face any trouble during the overall process.

Types of Coverage

When choosing your insurance company, you need to pay special attention to what coverage they offer.

Ontario has its limits on minimum, maximum, and medium coverage that you can get. These are legally regulated and must be followed by all insurance companies in the city.

The options are the following:

  • The minimum you can get is the aforementioned Third-Party Liability coverage.
  • The maximum you are allowed to get is Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive coverage.
  • The medium option would be Liability, Collision, or Comprehensive.

Apart from the obligatory options, different insurance companies will have various options to suit the needs of all customers.

For example, Surex offers you up to eight types of coverage: If you get Collision Coverage, the insurance company will replace/repair your vehicle in case of an accident such as hit and run, at-fault, etc. Furthermore, Car Rental Coverage will insure the rental vehicle to a certain extent.

Another interesting option is Accident Forgiveness, where the company will forgive you one at-fault accident, meaning your rates will stay the same instead of increasing.

Some other offers are:

  • Windshield Coverage,
  • Depreciation Coverage, and
  • Family Protection.

How Can I Get a Good Deal?

Apart from taking our previous advice of getting an insurance specialist, you need to get their help to check all of the possible options. Ensure you get all of the insurance quotes available so that you can make an informed decision.

Moreover, check if you are eligible for any discounts that could reduce your insurance premium. For example, there is something called a ‘good credit discount’. The company checks how responsible you are with paying your bills and takes you on as a client based on that. You can also get claims-free and conviction-free discounts.

Remember, it is important to stay informed and to get help when necessary!

What about the Price?

The insurance premiums are not fixed for car insurance. The price will depend on your choice of coverage and other circumstances.

However, if you have a good payment history, you might be able to pay for your insurance in installments (monthly or quarterly.) Keep in mind that you can only use this benefit if you paid all of your bills in the past on time.

Average Insurance Rates

In order to pick a good insurance company, you need to compare their insurance rates. The rates do not generally vary that much among companies. However, they do vary notably depending on the city.

Ontario insurance rates used to be the highest in the entire country. British Columbia succeeded them with the average rates of $1,480. Currently, Ontario holds an average of $1,445, followed by Alberta in third place with rates of $1,251 on average.

Rates kept changing in Ontario over the years:

  • In 2013, they were at 0%
  • In 2015, the rate was at -9%
  • In 2017, they rose to +41%
  • In 2018, they were +7%.

Your insurance specialist will help you find the most optimal option you can get among their partners. They always look at quotes and rates before suggesting a company.

How Are Rates Determined?

Insurance rates are not simply made up. They are rather determined based on several factors. We are about to list and explain a few so that you can get a grasp of what is relevant.

Firstly, the insurance company gathers all the insurance data in your area. This means that they check how often people use their insurance there, how many insurance claims there are, making sure they know their odds.

Secondly, your driving history is of high importance. The insurance company is going to consider everything, from your parking tickets to some more serious accidents. They will especially pay attention to the accidents where you were at fault. You have to be ready to show your claim history for at least the most recent six years and ticket history of about three years in the past.

Thirdly, the type of insurance coverage you are getting is very important. Third-party liability coverage is required by law in Ontario. This means that you will be held responsible if you cause any damage to third parties and their property.

Some other factors are the type of car you drive, your age, your credit, etc.


Car-owners in Ontario have many options when it comes to auto insurance, which makes it more difficult to choose a single one. We have presented you with some information so you could learn about the basics.

To be safe, hire an insurance specialist and get the best auto insurance option you can. You can learn more about car insurance in Ontario here.

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