Top 5 TV Series for Sports Fans

Sports is all about entertainment. People watch football games, place bets on, and even take part in such competitions regularly. And sports gets even more entertaining when you watch fictional stories about such events. These are the most spectacular sports TV series.

Friday Night Lights

NBC classic series. The story centers on the football team of the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, and its new coach, Eric Taylor, whose future career depends largely on his success in his new position.

The series did not become a hit on the level of “Game of Thrones” but gained an excellent reputation among critics, who often include it in the top of the best TV shows. By the way, the actors of “Friday Night Lights” became famous after the release of the project.


Kingdom is a great mixed martial arts family drama. Alvey is a former MMA champion who owns a gym. The hero shares the business with his girlfriend Lisa, the daughter of rich parents – the gym is actually equipped with her money. Alvey also has two sons.

He kicked the crazy Jay out a long time ago, so all hope is now on the younger Nate, a successful and hardworking fighter. One day Ryan, Lisa’s former boyfriend and once MMA champion, comes into their lives. Although everyone has long forgotten about him, Alvey believes in Ryan and takes it upon himself to train him.

Ted Lasso

An Apple TV+ comedy with enough positivity for at least a stadium crowd. Smiling American Ted Lasso is whisked away to Great Britain, where he must lead the local Richmond FC to victory.

But it’s not that simple: the new coach doesn’t know anything about classic football, which pisses off the players, and the club owner wants to destroy the team to spite her ex-husband, so a simpleton like Lasso only helps her. Lasso is an incorrigible optimist. He ignores ridicule, and makes up for his lack of knowledge with a disposable character. So, Lasso lets even the weakest players prove themselves and tries his best to unite the team.


Sports are often made for spectacle. A perfect example is wrestling. The Netflix series is about an unemployed actress from Los Angeles named Ruth, who decides to star in a series about women wrestlers. It’s not just in the ring: first, the main character has a conflict with the director because of her habit of overacting in the frame, and then she quarrels with her best friend and colleague Debbie Egan, whose husband has cheated on her with Ruth.

The Last Dance

One of Netflix’s top documentary hits. “The Last Dance” focuses on the “golden” roster of the Chicago Bulls basketball team and its biggest star, Michael Jordan. The series is edited from previously unpublished chronicles interspersed with interviews of key characters in the story — Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, former team coach Phil Jackson and Jordan himself.

“The Last Dance” often flashed on lists of the best TV series of 2020. It was admired not only by ordinary viewers but also by former U.S. President Barack Obama.

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