The Complete Guide to Instagram Live for Businesses

More than 500 million people worldwide use Instagram daily. There are also a billion Instagram users with active accounts. There’s no question about the power of Instagram in harnessing potential customers. One of the new features of Instagram that business owners maximize is Instagram Live. It’s a platform that allows users to stream videos live. Users who are active on Instagram at that time can view the videos. It’s also easy to replay the videos not only on Instagram but also on other platforms. Using this feature to boost online visibility for small businesses is an excellent tool. With the help of a quality social media agency Portland, figuring out how to maximize this feature is easier. 

Here is a complete Instagram Guide For Business.

1. Think of quality content

Before using this feature, the business should already know what to broadcast. It can be a demonstration of how to use the products. It may also be a competition where active users can get a prize. The goal is to allow more people to know about the business. The live video should be worth people’s time. Otherwise, they will instantly leave the platform.

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2. Set a schedule

Like any other public event, there should be a clear schedule. It lets more people tune in. Tell them what the video is about, and why they should watch it. Highlight the date and time. Keep promoting the event and give people a reason to feel excited. 

3. Identify the goal

Not all Instagram live broadcasts are the same. Some of them are useful in making people understand what the company stands for. Others use the platform to increase leads. Most businesses use live to improve user awareness and increase web traffic. When the content is enticing enough, some users will feel attracted to visit the website to know more. 

4. Determine the format 

Instagram Live is an opportunity to do many things. It can be a live q and a session since some users might want to know more about the brand. Therefore, it helps if they receive responses during the broadcast. It may also be an opportunity to take them behind the scenes. If the company offers beauty enhancement procedures, it’s their chance to know what happens. For businesses that sell products, going live can be a chance to show a product demo. They will know how the product works and why it’s effective. Finally, the video may also be a way to introduce the users to the team. It’s helpful for businesses offering services. It’s always about establishing relationships. They need to know the people who will provide these services to determine if they’re trustworthy.

5. Practice 

While this feature is live, it doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity to practice. After identifying the goal of going live, the next step is to practice what to say. People aren’t only looking at the content of the video, but the presentation skills. It’s like selling products in a mall. Some people will feel enticed to buy if the seller knows the products well. The excitement in tone can also make the video more interesting. Some users might stay not only because they want the product but because they love the show. The goal is to promote the brand, but it’s also about the people running the business. The lack of excitement will give users a reason to leave even if they might be interested in the products and services.

6. Use face filters

Instagram Live has face filters for users to enjoy. Use them accordingly. They work perfectly for younger audiences. Again, the goal of going live is to take people behind the scenes. They need to feel connected with the business. Small efforts like using filters will make the environment more relaxed. It helps elevate the business’ repeatability level.

7. Use the right social media agency for help

It might seem easy to go live after setting up an Instagram account. The truth is that there are a lot more than needs to happen before the show begins. Once it’s over, there are also other steps to take. Hence, it makes sense to work with reputation management software experts. 

Asking the social media agency Portland to help is the right step. These experts understand how to use Instagram to promote the business. It’s also one of the many platforms used to promote the brand. The good thing is that these agencies already tried different Instagram live content before. They know what appeals to the users. They can cut the process and ensure that things will turn out as planned. Again, Instagram live is effective but only when used appropriately. 

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