The Best Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

The two biggest rivals in the world right now in terms of mobile operating systems are Android and iOS, which are always competing with each other as to who would provide better services than the other. And while this competition has enabled both the platforms to provide with excellent services, there are applications where cross-platform switching is still not available and causes the customers a lot of difficulties.

One such application is WhatsApp; WhatsApp is the largest application to be used for communication worldwide. It has changed the way of communication, making it possible for everyone around the globe to be connected with each other. But when it comes to switching between Android and iOS phones, consumers have to make a difficult decision either to conserve their WhatsApp data or to buy a new phone.

Trying to tackle these issues, people often search for ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. While there are many websites claiming on how to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, misinformation can always lead to the loss of sensitive data. In reality, WhatsApp android to iPhone  is not easy and should be done with extreme caution and care. A slight error can lead to a lifetime of regrets.

So, to help with this problem, we will provide you guys with some proven and secure methods to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. While also highlighting our personal favorite because of its easy-to-use function and security. Finally, the choice is all yours as to what method you guys find suitable and easy to use.

But first, let us answer some widely asked questions about WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer.

Can WhatsApp be transferred from android to iPhone using Google Drive?

No, you cannot transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using google drive, and the reason is very simple. The WhatsApp backup is saved on google drive in Android while the iPhone backs up the data in iCloud, and as these, both platforms are not compatible with each other, so the transfer is not possible.

Can the WhatsApp transfer from android to iPhone happen free of charge?

There are ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone free, but they are time-consuming.  Also, any tool that is available to transfer WhatsApp android to iPhone is not free entirely and always has some fee one way or another, as a result, the free transfer must be performed manually, which takes time and provides no privacy or security.

Method 1:  How to restore WhatsApp backup from android to iPhone using “Email”

Note: Using Email to back up WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is not a proper solution, as you will not be able to see your chat history on WhatsApp like before.


  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on Settings- Chat Settings-Chat History-Email Chat.
  • Now choose a specific chat that you want to export
  • Choose to export this entire chat via email and then write your own email in the chat
  • Now you can open your email from iPhone and access the message history for the selected chat

Method 2:  Using MobileTrans to Backup and restore WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

This method is our personal favorite and by far the best way to safely and securely transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. And here is how it works.

  1. Launch the software on your PC and click on “WhatsApp Transfer.”

2. Click on “Transfer WhatsApp Messages”

3. Connect both your android and your iPhone to the PC and click “Start”

4. Disconnect both the phones after the transfer is complete

This is by far the best method we recommend for transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. As MobileTrans offer many other useful services besides transferring WhatsApp data from Android to WhatsApp, such as:

  • Restore and backup WhatsApp Data on PC
  • Backup and Restore data on any device bypassing the cross-platform difficult.
  • Providing data backup and restoration of other services besides WhatsApp such as Line, WeChat, etc.

Method 3.   Transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone using “Move to iOS”

Here are the steps to perform:


  • Download and Install “Move to iOS “from your android device
  • After accepting the terms and conditions, you will see a code on your screen
  • Now, set up your iPhone till you see the move from the android screen, wait for the 10-digit or 6-digit code to appear.
    NOTE: If you have set up your iPhone, you will have to factory reset it first
  • Now enter the code on your android device.
  • Select the files you need to transfer from your Android to iPhone and wait patiently for the process to finish.

Method 4.   Transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone using “Official Method ”

In the Mid of August 2021, Samsung confirmed that they were working on a new service that would provide data transfer of WhatsApp from Android to iPhone without switching to third-party apps with the release of their new Samsung Z fold 3 and Samsung Z Flip 3. But the downside of such a service is that it will only work with the latest updated versions of Android, and the iPhone will have to be also on the latest iOS version. Also, the WhatsApp chats will be migrated if the process is done before signing in to the new device.

The internet is full of solutions on “How to transfer WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone,” but not all the internet-provided solutions work. Many are scams so to steal precious information from the customers and to leak personal data. Some services which do work are so expensive that they are very hard for most customers to use or they take up all your time for the procedure to finish.  All-in-all transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone is a hectic and time-taking procedure mainly because of technology lacking in a cross-platform switch. However, this does not give an impression that there is no solution, as we have provided you with the best available solutions out there on the internet. Among those solutions, our top pick is “MobileTrans,” which has proven to be the best service provider due to its exceptional features and perks.

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