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If someone asks us where is the best place to look for a job on the Arabian Peninsula, we will answer that it is best suited for you is Oman! Oman has a desert, oases in dry riverbeds, and long stretches of beaches along the coast of the Arabian Sea and the Persian and Oman Gulfs. Such a beautiful places in which you can get your jobs in Oman.

While looking for vacancies, you may find more than three hundred free positions! By the way, the best variant is to search on the working web sites with prefix “in Oman”.

Where to start if you simply don’t know what kind of job you want? Yes, this also happens and that’s okay. The first step is to find a suitable website with vacancies and offers. The following step is to select such vacant positions that you could handle. For example if you are ready to work in the airport, take many orders standing still, you can withstand a lot of noise and all this is natural for a good pay – then such a job as a barista is suitable for you. Among other things if you pass all the tests and interviews and still get a job, you will not need to worry about your place of residence or transportation methods – the employer will provide you with everything you need in exchange for your job stability.

Consider another option – you are a highly qualified specialist in your field and want to become even more developed and reach the peak of your career. It will be easier for you to find the option that suits you, since in Oman companies always need recognized and, moreover, foreign workers. Having received approval for the vacancy that you have found, you go to Oman, get a place of residence, a method of transportation, and if you are given a hotel room that the company pays for, as for their valuable employee, you will have round-the-clock room service, which already makes your life easier. Later, when you settle in your workplace, you may be given a salary increase or have already purchased housing for permanent residence.

What about people who accidentally ended up in Oman and have to spend a lot of time there? No home and no work. Do not worry, you will definitely be able to find a vacancy in some kind of cafe for a start, or in a hotel! The hotel is the best option, most likely the owner will provide you with a service in the form of your own room. Having a roof under your head and earning money, you can either find a suitable permanent job yourself or hire a person who will do it for you or help you in this matter.

Let’s talk about working hours. In general, a working day lasts about 10-12 hours. As elsewhere, there are two shifts – day and night. For specialists with higher education, of course, there is a day shift, for production workers, it can also be a night shift.

Do not despair reading all the difficulties, we are sure that Oman will receive you with extended hugs and everyone will find what they are looking for. 

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