Ecopayz Virtual Card

In recent years, with the improvements and daily updates in the sphere of technologies, people more easily than before are accepting and entering the virtual world and using electronic services. However one of the biggest issues for users in this period of the time was always about online payment systems. Today we are facing many different options that are providing these necessary services. In this short article we decided to write about Ecopayz, as of the successful online system and study its special services.

Ecopayz & Its Services

Shortly to say, Ecopayz is an online platform that allows users to send,receive and spend their funds worldwide and in total online format. In several minutes, without any fees, customers can make their free Ecopayz account; it should be noted that users also can create their ecopayz account without connecting it to their bank or credit card account. That gives more confidence to the users. Because Ecopayz is an online service and it is available in the virtual world, this company decided to use the latest and most updated technologies and possibilities for the security of their customers’ information and transactions. One of the points that spearet Ecopayz from other services is its ability for transferring money internationally to the different countries with reasonable fees. However last year, Ecopayz started to provide a new service as Ecopayz Prepaid Mastercard; in this case, customers will be able to have a physical prepaid card, use it anywhere that accepts Mastercard, and also withdraw money from any available ATMs. The features of Ecopayz are not limited to this point, Ecopayz offers a Virtual Card too.

Ecopayz Virtual Card

Briefly, today ecopayz is providing the Virtual Card for their customers called ecoVirtualcard. It is totally supporting all functions of a physical prepaid card but customers can use it just in online format or with the phone. The huge advantage of Virtual card over physical prepaid card is about the number of times that customers can use it; users can not use prepaid cards once a single transaction is done, however in case of virtual card, it can be used without limit just users should have an active eco account. Also if we study Virtual cards better, there are several significant points that count as a feature of this service; points such as minimizing the risk, it can not be lost or stolen, there is no minimum spend; it is available in EUR,USD and GBP. Users can simply connect their Silver (or Higher) Eco account to their Virtual card, see their 16 digit card number with security code. It should be noted that this service is available in EU and EEA states.


Definitely, today ecopayz is one of the best online payment system in all over the world; however with new updates like ability of physical prepaid mastercard and ecoVirtualcard, Ecopayz is trying to stay in the top of the services in its kind and be higher than its competitors.

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