Do You Know About Play Virtual Detective Games?

Who has not ever played detectives? Detective games or even virtual detective games allow you to test your ingenuity, solve mysteries, puzzles, or complex plots of robberies, crimes, kidnappings, and all kinds of tricks. There are mythical detective games like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, or Kate Beckett, and many other detective games for kids like Geronimo stilton and more. Would you like to join virtual murder mystery corporate events? Find the best mode of murder mystery virtual event here.

How to play virtual detective games

Investigate, look for evidence, reconstruct facts, interrogate or follow suspects, infiltrate rooms. There are detectives of all kinds and games in which solving mysteries is the main mission or objective of a murder mystery virtual event.

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How to create a murder mystery virtual event? As mysterious as the crimes they solve, detectives have their corner in adventure games and the action genre. An intricate mystery opens up before our screen. Perhaps it is a disappearance without goodbyes, a carefully planned murder, or the theft of insurmountable treasure. Then the muscles of the classic hero, with his blessed sword and his magic shield, can do little to unravel the enigma. 

The key to the solution is the privileged mind of someone who knows how to move- following the thread of a secret until finding the culprit. In the shoes of a detective, the fantasy of power that we fulfill is not that of being a colossal force capable of dominating hordes of enemies but of having a keen intelligence capable of overcoming the tricks of a villain looking to get his way. 

Due to their ingenious nature, detectives tend to be the protagonists of graphic adventures. The ideal genre to test the player’s audacity, although we also find them in other genres such as role-playing, such as the acclaimed Disco Elysium, or action, like LA Noire or Max Payne.

Sherlock Holmes virtual detective games

When we think of detectives, the stereotype of them often arises: dressed in their coat, with a taciturn air and a cigarette in hand. There is also a man, whose silhouette is a more personal version of the previous description: a pipe smoker and raincoat: Arthur Conan-Doyle wanted us to see Sherlock Holmes that way, who transcended his novels to become a popular icon. 

Virtual detective games also became a platform for the adventures of the British detective who were aware of the cultural baggage that such a mythical figure carries as they narrate. When you create a new episode for a character like Holmes, losing yourself in the stimuli around you is inevitable. Your imagination is fed by the movies, books, series, and everything else about Sherlock. And it’s normal. You want to hit what the people of those characters like. However, our inspiration doesn’t come from the Sherlock universe we consume. 

So, are you excited to play a murder mystery virtual event like Sherlock?

On the other hand, creating an adventure saga around such an illustrious character as Sherlock Holmes provided many advantages to the studio. Sherlock is always questioning the world around him. He defies taboos, and his intelligence provides him with the tools to do so. He, in turn, is bored and despises social norms to the point that he hurts. He is always looking for a new case that will give him the adrenaline rush that he is looking for. 

So when you take Holmes and the world created by Doyle, you find yourself with the necessary ingredients for an excellent game: an amoral hero with qualities and defects worthy of a superhero, who only accepts very mysterious and impossible cases and who also Fight villains and meet people oppressed by society. All the ingredients for a great game are there. We only need to give the player the necessary tools to solve the cases without revealing the truth. Gear up for virtual detective games!

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