Common Blunders To Avoid While Driving

Today, nearly 45% of personal injuries result from motor vehicle accidents. Some of the reasons why these injuries are so prevalent may include the high number of vehicles on the road and technological changes, but many other factors come into play.

These are some fast facts about car accidents:

  • Most car accidents occur near one’s home.
  • Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of auto wrecks.
  • Rollovers are one of the most dangerous types of accidents.
  • In the United States, a person is severely injured every 16 minutes in an auto crash.

While tens of thousands  of people suffer serious injuries or death in motor vehicle accidents, drivers can take a number of measures to avoid crashes. Some of these measures include:

  • Following the road traffic rules
  • Knowing the car seat laws
  • Using the vehicle’s safety mechanism
  • Practicing attentive driving

However, despite these measures, some auto accidents are unavoidable.

If you have suffered a personal injury in a car accident, a Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer may be able to help. The damages that can occur from a car accident can vary based on many factors, but one of the most common is if the other driver was speeding or intoxicated before the collision.

The Importance of Car Seat Rules and Seat Belts

A driver’s or passenger’s failure to properly wear a seat belt can have serious consequences in certain jurisdictions. Car seat belts are considered one of the most important safety devices in vehicles, and they have prevented countless severe injuries and deaths.

Seat belts are so effective at protecting passengers and drivers because an unrestrained person can become a projectile in an accident. People who are not properly buckled can be ejected through the car’s front, rear, or side windows.

Ejection can result in serious injury or death. Seat belts can also protect sensitive parts of the body, like the forehead, nose, eyes, or throat, from coming into contact with the car’s inner surfaces.

Children who have outgrown a rear-facing car seat by height or weight can move to forward-facing car seats with a five-point harness and a top anchor.

Things to Avoid After a Car Crash

Most car accidents occur as a result of driver error or negligence. Below we have included some of the common mistakes that you should avoid after getting into an accident:

  • Fleeing the scene of the accident: Fleeing the scene of an accident can only bring about more trouble, and there can be criminal legal consequences for leaving the crash site.
  • Ignoring potential bodily injury: The moment after a crash can be extremely stressful. In this stress, people often tend to ignore their injuries completely. However, that is not the right thing to do. Hidden injuries, like nerve or spinal damage, can pop up later, causing you to suffer because you did not get treatment right away. Seeking immediate medical attention can be the most important step after getting into an accident, even if you are unsure whether you have incurred an injury.
  • Getting into a conflict with the other driver: Another big mistake after an accident is getting into a fight on the spot with the other party. Remember, in such incidents, it is essential to act professionally. Make sure that you wait for the cops to arrive to deal with the matter.
  • Trying to handle the situation all by yourself: Dealing with the other party or settling quickly with your insurance company may cause you to miss out on compensation you deserve. You should leave it to a legal professional to help you file a claim.

Precautionary Steps to Avoid Accidents

Motor vehicle crashes can result in serious injuries or death, especially those that involve trucks or other large vehicles.

Some of the steps you can take to avoid preventable accidents include:

  • Avoiding other vehicles’ blind spots
  • Using caution when passing other vehicles
  • Giving clear signals on the road before turning or changing lanes
  • Leaving ample space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of yours
  • Avoiding distractions while you drive
  • Saying no to drinking and driving
  • Properly maintaining your vehicle

If you or someone you know has faced severe injuries in an automobile accident, you should speak to a Philadelphia Auto Accident lawyer and explore whether you can potentially recover compensation. Working with an experienced attorney can allow you to concentrate on your health while the legal professionals handle any legal hassles.

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