BigCommerce Partners with Amazon Multi-channel Fulfillment

Among the new business collaborations that emerge from the eCommerce and technology sector, the integration of BigCommerce’s Open SAAS platform with Amazon’s fulfillment services is a leading one. BigCommerce US has now announced its partnership with Amazon’s Multi-channel fulfillment platform. By integrating the technology platform with the e-retail platform, retailers associated with BigCommerce can quickly fulfill and process their orders. The merchants can now use Amazon’s order fulfillment services even for non-Amazon retail channels.

The company has issued an official statement through the General Manager of Omnichannel, BigCommerce. According to the Manager, Sharon Gee, the partnership between BigCommerce and MCF benefits the merchants associated with Amazon and BigCommerce. The partnership will help merchants in establishing an omnichannel strategy of retail marketing. This partnership will help in giving the merchants a competitive edge in a highly evolving competitive eCommerce market. On the other hand, it will also provide customers a superior online shopping experience.

The general manager has further said that the partnership will further support the dynamic eCommerce market where demand is unpredictable. The convenience of ordering and fast shipping are the features present customers are looking for. Amazon MCF will provide an advantage to the merchants and help them plan, purchase, and fulfill orders so that their efficiency matches the fast-paced environment of the eCommerce segment.

Why Is The Mcf-bigcommerce Deal So Special?

There are many benefits to the MCF-BigCommerce partnership with the merchants. These benefits that make the deal between the two business giants revolutionary for the eCommerce segment are as follows-

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping is a feature extended by every eCommerce platform of the business. Merchants are now aiming for overnight shipping so that customers stay on the eCommerce platforms more. The 2-3 days shipping and delivery model is upgrading. The MCF- BigCommerce partnership will help merchants in expediting the shipping process. Merchants can now go for one day shipping period too. At most, the shipping period for the associated merchants will be 2 to 3 days.

This period of transit will decrease eventually with the help of better technology. This partnership aims to minimize the shipping transit window to experience best-in-class product delivery service from the merchants. Now that people have become highly dependent on eCommerce for all their retail needs, this option of superfast shipping is necessary for customers and merchants.

Competitive pricing

With the MCF BigCommerce partnership, the merchants have to pay a lot less for the fulfillment, packaging, and shipping charges. In this way, the merchants enlisted will only pay for fulfillment and storage services. The merchants don’t have to pay for additional surcharges. Thus, the services will be more accessible in the merchant’s pockets. They won’t have to pay any hidden charges as the charges include pick pack and ship charges. This will also decrease the retail price of products on the platform, and customers will get better deals on many products. This will therefore benefit both the customers and the merchants. The merchants can now extend better discounts and reduce the shipping fee they charge on a product.

More genuine delivery promises

The customers will benefit as merchants present better delivery promises to them that they can fulfill with the help of MCF. The merchants can now provide real-time insights on checkout delivery promises that assure an excellent delivery to the customer. The MCF- Bigcommerce deal improves the shipping and delivery process to a great extent. The customer experience for many will improve, and merchants will get genuine feedback from customers. This will improve the lead conversion process and enhance business for merchants in a wholesome way.

Fully traceable orders

Order placement and tracing process will become more transparent than before. This is all thanks to the BigCommerce-MCF deal. While customers could not easily find out all transit stages early, now, merchants will keep customers informed of the different transit stages starting from the order placement stage. Customers will get more accurate updates on package movement and the expected arrival time of the shipment. Therefore, the trust between merchants and customers will increase. There is more transparency in the whole purchase and delivery process after this deal.

Simplified movements and operations

The deal helps customers and merchants and improves the processes related to eCommerce as a whole. The integration will introduce automatic inventory placement, which will help the merchants in the long run. The new feature will enable move in-demand products near to customers in a particular area without much hassle. This will assist in meeting the market’s natural demand without additional costs. Thus, the merchants can focus on revenue and profit without worrying about extra charges.

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Overall, the MCF-BigCommerce deal is an advantageous development in the eCommerce sector. The partnership helps merchants in becoming part of a world-class retail network with many perks. This allows the merchants to achieve operational expertise and a competitive edge over others. The MCF-BigCommerce deal is a genuinely revolutionary deal for the eCommerce sector.

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